Blank Canvas: Fred Perry AW11 Origami Collection

The Fred Perry Origami Blank Canvas was developed after it was discovered that there is a subculture of artists in Japan that specialise in ‘fashion origami’ with a large focus being on the polo shirt. Fred Perry began investigating the paper conventionally used within the Japanese art form and found that traditional patterns were regularly used.  Three of these have been injected into the Blank Canvas range as prints on the shirts, and include the cherry blossom, polka... Read More

retaW NATURAL MYSTIC* Version 1.05

Japanese brand retaW, conjurers of the world’s finest shower gels (amongst other things) have re-released their most popular line, NATURAL MYSTIC*. The exquisite, spicy scent blended with Patchouli and Vanilla sees new bottle design and a stronger fragrance. Available in a Fragrance Body Shampoo (shower gel) and Fragrance Fabric Liquid (fabric refresher) the retaW concept of ‘wearing your fragrance’ continues to amaze. Priced at ¥3,200 and ¥1,800 respectively. retaW... Read More