Wash With Joe

In our ‘Café culture’ it’s rare that today’s Gent will go one day without encountering the alluring aroma of coffee, and perhaps not so rare to come across Gents that consume multiple cups. However maybe we have been misinformed as to the full and correct use of coffee… New York designer, Jane Schub posits that rather than drinking coffee first thing in the morning, you might be better off using it in the shower. Coffee with caffeine has both anti-inflammatory... Read More


The world of the ‘noses’ is a relatively closed one, with most experts deriving from families with fragrance heritage. There are routes into the world of fragrance expertise, however most are limited by your location and undoubtedly by your funding. Grasse, fragrance experts Le Labo have produced a kit to give you an insight into the foundations of the fragrances, the ingredients themselves. The Olfactionary kit aims to enable perfume enthusiasts to better understand the art... Read More