Keep Aaron Cutting

Around two weeks have passed since the rioters tarnished the UK with unsubstantiated, wanton destruction. While lots of damage has been done emotionally, physically and in most cases, financially, there have been many touching stories emerge from the fallout. One such story is that of Aaron Biber who is 89 and has lived in the Tottenham area for 41 years. His Barber Shop fell victim to to the rioters, who inflicted serious damage to the premises. “I will probably have... Read More

Eye Rollers: How to get rid of Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Dark circles and puffy eyes are the most common areas for grooming concern among men, mainly because we all suffer from them and some stage in some guise, be it self inflicted, illness based or hereditary. The first thing to understand is that while Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes are two very different issues with differing causes, their methods and manner of treatments tend to overlap and hence their products are more often than not one and the same. Puffy Eyes Puffy eyes stem... Read More