LENS AW11 collection.

LENS AW11 sees three new designers; Uniforms for the Dedicated, Daniel Jackson and David David join the LENS collective.  These three exciting additions will sit alongside current LENS favourites J.W. Anderson, New Power Studio, Dexter Wong and Dusty. J W Anderson for LENS. Scandinavia’s Uniforms for the Dedicated was founded in 2007 and forms a continuously growing playground of men’s fashion, music, art projects, and film. Driven by continuous experimentation and characterised... Read More

retaW BLIND* and COLLINS* Fragrance Body Wash

News has been leaked of two new retaW scents named after cult musicians, called BLIND* and COLLINS*. The intricacies of the new scents are yet to be revealed, but their first release will be in the guise of the Fragrance Body Washes. Rumor also has it that they will soon be unveiling a retaW utility grooming kit to transport your selection of retaW products. Given the nature of the retaW brand and their connections, we would not be at all surprised if illustrious Head Porter... Read More