Polaar Icy Magic

To live life at a hectic pace; early mornings and late nights, also known as burning the candle at both ends – comes at a cost. This expense rears its ugly head in various guises, one of them – your lifestyle becomes apparent in your face. More specifically the eye area. Owing to such fragile skin around our eyes, tiredness quickly manifests itself here, in the form of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. The solution is an eye roll-on. Ape to Gentleman have covered... Read More

Vintage 18ct Gold Omega Watch

Omega are a watchmaker with an exceptional heritage within an industry that is positively filled with traditional and iconic brands and they boast some truly exemplary timepieces within their collection. It is rare to find a truly unique Omega watch but that’s exactly what we have here with this devilishly understated and painfully stylish 18ct gold Omega watch above. What makes this one so unique, I hear you say? Well, the fact that it was the creation of famed watch designer... Read More