Top 10 Royal Fragrances

Perfumes are an ancient royal perquisite. The Priest-Kings of the great ancient civilisations were probably the first humans to fragrance their bodies, lathering them with burnt woods and spices to please the nostrils of their gods. The perfume industry began as an exclusively male affair. As in the animal kingdom, the alpha male was more amply scented than his mate as part of his regal regalia; he displayed a more flamboyant adornment – his Crowns of the Two Lands, his... Read More

A. Sauvage: Spring/Summer ’14

A. Sauvage continue to blur cultural boundaries, and for their latest collection the designer (Adrien Sauvage) tells the story of his Great-Grandfather’s journey from western Nigeria to Scotland. Among the usual delivery of peak lapel blazers and casual sweatshirts lies an interesting creation… The brand’s first tartan. Using signets of Sauvage’s kente affiliation to add a new lease of life to the traditional Scottish print, these flickers of colour tell a metaphoric... Read More

Prada Luna Rossa x America’s Cup

The history and prestige associated with the America’s Cup makes it the most elusive trophy in the sailing word. It is not a sport to take lightly. Participation requires conviction, motivation, experience and dedication. This year in celebration of this prestigious event, Prada launches a fragrance collectors edition; Luna Rossa – 34th America’s Cup Limited Edition. The inspiration for the fragrance, which is named after the sailboat Luna Rossa that participates... Read More