Compagnie de Provence

Ape to Gentleman prides itself on offering its readership various things, one of which is the revelation of fantastic brands. Working in the male grooming industry opens up your eyes to a labyrinth of industry ‘layers’. As in any walk of life, industry or market – there are demands made by customers and there are products meeting this demand. Demand is influenced by many factors but for the purpose of this review and perhaps most importantly in the skin care world I wish to talk about efficacy and design. You may or may not have come across a French brand called Compagnie de Provence, if you haven’t then it’s probably because Compagnie de Provence most likely don’t have the vast marketing budget of larger skin care brands. If you have, then it’s probably because you’ve visited a skin care etalier or retailer who knows their ‘stuff’. I talked about Compganie de Provence in an earlier post but it was more factual as opposed to magical…

Compagnie de Provence, based in Marseille, encaptures in their products everything that makes the South of France so captivating. If you visit the Compagnie de Provence website read for yourself their exquisite synopsis of my thoughts of which I couldn’t do justice in writing, “A vision of a contemporary Provence – the intense blue skies under the Mistral and the optic white of the coast-line in the intense light of the sun, the turquoise blue waters and the fresh green of nature after a storm”. For those of you who have visited Provence I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s simply magical, a place like no other.


Transferring this nonpareil into skin care products sounds like an overwhelming task? Yes, but Compagnie de Provence have managed it and managed it in a seemingly simple method. The company, formed in 1990 went back to basics and created a skin care brand with a contemporary interpretation of ancestral savoir-faire (knowledge) and authentic materials with pure, clean graphic design and products with natural ingredients and fragrances always in harmony with nature. If you’ve ever used a Compagnie de Provence product you’ll remember the simplicity of the clear container with big, bold, capital letters in colours representing fragrances ranging from the deep red Fig of Provence to brilliant blue Mediterranean Sea. The second memory you’ll have will be the product itself – my favourite, the Liquid Marseille Soap, ideal for the hands or body – with it’s unique scents, rich lather and almost impossibly with the ability to leave skin moisturised after washing.

If you’re looking for natural hand and body skin care products as unparalleled as Provence (ingredients are sourced and made in Provence) then look no further for Compagnie de Provence have the answer.