Kiel James Patrick

Kiel James Patrick is a men’s accessories brand from New England in the US. Mr Patrick, who lent his name to the brand created it out of a passion for age-old quality, style and carefully constructed American made goods – which sadly, are not so easily found now.

Mr Patrick’s hobby; making himself bracelets and belts from high quality materials, soon turned into a business. Today, the KJP factory and design studio is located in Rhode Island and true to the brands history, all KJP products are 100% USA made – and sold worldwide.

I recently purchased a KJP Peter Wence Lanyard Hitch (bracelet) from UK based KJP stockist – a men’s accessories site, with a superbly edited selection and notable customer service.

The KJP Lanyard Hitch collection is hand-crafted in Rhode Island from locally twisted nautical cord, solid brass hardware surrounds and is available in various weathered New England colours. A well-built and stylish accessory/ gift for any gent.

£30 from |

  • Matt

    All of the nicest stock is sold out at Opumo. I was looking a couple of weeks ago and they’re still not available.

  • James Regan

    I ordered 8 bow ties from KJP for my wedding. They didn’t have enough in stock, but I was promised by the Sales Manager that they would have them made and send them to me in time.
    First, they billed me the $717 for the ties – long before saying anything about stock issues. Then the promised delivery date came and went. 3 days later, I called them to find out what was going on – and only then did they say that their supplier hadn’t come through and there weren’t going to be any ties.
    Buyer beware… It’s no surprise that American Express is calling (unsolicited) to check up on these guys and ask if they’re delivering their merchandise. I’m obviously not the only person getting burned.