Pankhurst x The Rake: Head to Toe

Today’s visual feast comes from collaboration between top London barbershop Pankhurst and editorial champions of tailoring, The Rake magazine. Filmmaker Sean Ash and stylist Mark Anthony have produced a ’60s-tinged short film titled ‘Head to Toe’, following the sartorial day of a Gentleman-would-be-secret-agent as he makes his way through Mayfair. At the heart of the video lies the art of wet shaving demonstrated expertly by Brent Pankhurst.

“I wanted Pankhursts to be a place where it would not be unlikely to hear or see the likes of Sinatra and Bogart come to shoot the breeze about last night’s escapades over a fine malt whisky; that a McQueen character would come by every day for a morning shave and talk about how he’d change the world.” – Brent Pankhurst

  • Bluebottle

    Agh! I *love* Brent’s sentiment/quote on his vision for his shop! *mwah*!!!