retaW Limited Edition Candles

Released by retaW-Tokyo over the weekend were these three handsome Fragrance Candles in limited edition packaging: ALLEN*, EVELYN*, and EVE*.


Each limited edition candle burns a wooden wick and brings a sense of relaxation. Made from a carefully crafted blend of original fragrance oils – each scent soothes the body and mind with a truly relaxing aroma.

A retaW candle makes an ideal gift for that important person, or as a treat for yourself – owing to the Japanese brands’ famed, varied and exceptionally potent scents with unique and truly unforgettable formulas.

Each of the ALLEN*, EVELYN* and EVE* Fragrance Candles are housed in limited edition glass holders and special packaging.



An invigorating, floral scent with lily and cassis. 1glass / ¥6500 (retail price), 145g.



A rich, fruity scent with champagne and bergamot. 1glass / ¥6500 (retail price), 145g.



A fresh, sweet scent that conjures images of fig leaves. 1glass / ¥6000 (retail price), 145g.

  • Frances

    Nice. Those candles look so chic. They look like they’re perfumes!

  • Ape to Gentleman

    Chic is the WORD, with retaW.