Autumn Edits with Sunspel


The leaves are browning, the nights are drawing in and the summer wardrobe has officially gone in to hibernation; autumn is in the air. With the change in weather, now is an appropriate time to invest in additions to the seasonal wardrobe that will assist not only in providing comfort through the cooler climate, but will also help reinvigorate daily ensembles; two points that are... Read More

Three of the Best: Watches Under £500


A serious, high-quality luxury watch is often perceived to be a costly affair – something purchased only once in a lifetime, and to be passed down to generations. However, in today’s luxury watch market premium brands are making it easier for gentleman to buy a luxury watch – with simple designs, which don’t sacrifice quality. Here are three luxury watches... Read More

The Topic of Body Hair


Body hair, the subject of much debate – do the fairer sex find it attractive and manly or is it a serious turn off. We’ll never have an answer in truth, because everyone is different. However, the real question you should be answering is – what do you I want? It’s all down to personal preference, unless you’re a world class cyclist where a lack of... Read More

Ape to Gentleman Selects with Jack Spade


Founded in 1996, Jack Spade’s eclectic take on functional goods has proved popular with an emerging class of gentleman, someone who looks for utilitarian efficiency in their purchases, but also a nuanced touch of personality. Originally focused on producing a range of practical bags, Jack Spade have carefully expanded their range to include clothing, accessories, and more recently,... Read More

Ape to Instagram


Ape to Gentleman are now on Instagram – or in app; @apetogentleman  Read More

Hanz de Fuko


There are very few brands which have or are capable of changing an industry. Apple changed the face of the music industry with the iPod and iTunes, Facebook altered how the world socialises and interacts, and Starbucks reinvented the coffee shop. Well, to get overly excited about a brand is not our usual style but with Hanz de Fuko, it’s totally justified – the hair styling... Read More

Three of the Best: Toothpastes


By now, I trust you’re well aware of the benefits of correct oral care – something we’ve all had instilled in us since childhood. The connection between oral health and overall health is a close one – your mouth, full of bacteria can be easily controlled by the body’s immune system, twice-daily brushing and flossing. It’s worth reinforcing now, that you... Read More

Meet with Triumph & Disaster


Ape to Gentleman were delighted to spend a few minutes with Mr Dion Nash, founder of the fantastic men’s grooming brand; Triumph & Disaster. The New Zealand based man, and brand – have created something really special here. So much so – it has been placed straight into our Top 10 men’s grooming brands list. Combining the best of natural ingredients with science,... Read More

The Shelf: Holiday Essentials


When a gentleman travels there are certain boxes which must be ticked when it comes to the packing of grooming products; ease of use, small in size, essential. Clothing a-side, and mandatory grooming products such as a toothbrush, here are three recommendations that we had to share. All three are new to the men’s grooming world, and cover off a multitude of sins. Triumph &... Read More

Scalp MicroPigmentation


Introduction A few years ago I joked that I was going to have some hair tattooed onto my head – but little did I know that a tattoo, known as Scalp MicroPigmentation, specially created for use on the scalp would become the most viable solution for male pattern baldness. Scalp MicroPigmentation or SMP consists of having your scalp tattooed with tiny dots that resemble the... Read More