Three of the Best: Collectable Gifts

Man Ray Collectable

Christmas is not a time to be making frivolous investments, especially when considering those select items that you’ll either be subtly guiding your loved ones towards or indeed, considering to treat yourself to this Christmas. But with a vast market of luxury items to choose from, identifying a product with enduring appeal over something hastily promoted to cash-in on the... Read More

The Shelf: Your Complete Fragrance Arsenal


With all the demands on your time and energy during the winter social season – not to mention Christmas – you need an essential capsule collection of colognes to see you right for any eventuality. Not so much a fragrance wardrobe as a fragrance shelf- this way you’ll have a reliable scent to suit any mood or occasion. Perfumes have their own personality but they... Read More

Three of the Best: Fashion Editor’s Wish List


With Christmas fast approaching it’s time to give you a run down of the three fashion items I am hoping to receive this Christmas. The gifts have been selected from three brands who strive for the best in craftsmanship, quality and in everything they make. The items have not been selected on face value, but instead selected by a common denominator; the idea that it’s... Read More

A Day in the Life: Red Wing Shoes


As the weather begins to turn from mild and wet, to cold and bitter- it is time we reconsider our footwear. Something more suitable for cold, icy pavements and treks across the city. A simple choice here; we turn to Red Wing Shoes- popular with trendsetters for their stylish, yet practical form. Red Wing Shoes, named after the city in Minnesota, was founded in 1905 by Mr. Charles... Read More

Exclusive: In Conversation with Mr. Eric Vallat


Having worked for some of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, including successful terms spent as CEO of Louis Vuitton Europe and President and Representative Director of Christian Dior Couture Japan, Mr. Eric Vallat is a man with some impressive credentials to his name. With his recent appointment as CEO at one of the world’s oldest Cognac houses, Rémy Martin,... Read More

Autumn Edits with Sunspel


The leaves are browning, the nights are drawing in and the summer wardrobe has officially gone in to hibernation; autumn is in the air. With the change in weather, now is an appropriate time to invest in additions to the seasonal wardrobe that will assist not only in providing comfort through the cooler climate, but will also help reinvigorate daily ensembles; two points that are... Read More

Three of the Best: Watches Under £500


A serious, high-quality luxury watch is often perceived to be a costly affair – something purchased only once in a lifetime, and to be passed down to generations. However, in today’s luxury watch market premium brands are making it easier for gentleman to buy a luxury watch – with simple designs, which don’t sacrifice quality. Here are three luxury watches... Read More

The Topic of Body Hair


Body hair, the subject of much debate – do the fairer sex find it attractive and manly or is it a serious turn off. We’ll never have an answer in truth, because everyone is different. However, the real question you should be answering is – what do you I want? It’s all down to personal preference, unless you’re a world class cyclist where a lack of... Read More

Ape to Gentleman Selects with Jack Spade


Founded in 1996, Jack Spade’s eclectic take on functional goods has proved popular with an emerging class of gentleman, someone who looks for utilitarian efficiency in their purchases, but also a nuanced touch of personality. Originally focused on producing a range of practical bags, Jack Spade have carefully expanded their range to include clothing, accessories, and more recently,... Read More

Ape to Instagram


Ape to Gentleman are now on Instagram – or in app; @apetogentleman  Read More