Rum – A Guide


History Rum was said to be first created in Barbados during the 17th century. It get’s its name from the word Rum-bullion, which is an old English word for an uproar or tumult. It’s made from sugarcane juice, sugarcane syrup or molasses. Variations Dark rums, also known by their particular colour, such as brown, black, or red rums, are classed a grade darker than gold... Read More

Coffee: Hardware


To conclude our coffee series, we have chosen the finest in home bean to cup coffee wizardry. After exploring the history of coffee followed by the best locations for production – it was only fair we shed light on the Krups EA9000. This machine is essentially the tool for home baristas. You may wonder why it costs £1299.99, these questions are answered upon first use. It... Read More

Coffee Production: Leading Locations


Leading on from our introduction, history and details of coffee (click the image above to read), we enlisted the expert-help of Mr Guy Eardley-Wilmot, Coffee Taster at Sea Island Coffee to spill the beans and takes us on a quick voyage around some of the world’s main coffee growing regions. Central America Central American coffees are generally light-bodied and relatively... Read More

Coffee: from Plantation to Cup


For coffee drinkers, pause a moment – and consider just how large a role coffee plays in your daily existence. Your morning wake-up call, you afternoon pick-me up or an after-dinner delight. Delicious, functional and often not enjoyed to its maximum. Instant coffee, is convenient and affordable, but lacking in taste. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to dive deep into the... Read More

The Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter Winner


Back in October we introduced you to The Guardians’ Chapter from the expert distillers at The Glenlivet, a series of events where the famous distillery looked to discover it’s first crowd-sourced single-malt. With 3 potential new expressions up for scrutiny from whisky lovers the world over, the chapter allowed the public to cast their vote over which of the distinctive creations... Read More

Christmas Day Drinks


A sizeable part of Christmas for any ape or gentleman is good food. And after food, just before gifting, it’s all about wine. So align the key events of the day with this selection of fine, fine wines. Breakfast – Casters Liebart Cuvee Vincent Champagne Christmas is an excellent excuse for champagne at what would usually be considered inappropriate hours. We recommend this... Read More

The Glenlivet Guardians’ Chapter


With a history spanning back as far as 1824, The Glenlivet is one of the most historic labels in the world of whisky. Blended for years at the hands of talented distillers, the company is now inviting those who enjoy a dram or two to cast their vote on their next limited edition single malt as a Guardian of The Glenlivet. Last week Ape to Gentleman had the good fortune of sampling... Read More

Big Appetites


Big Appetites, is a series of images by photographer Christopher Boffoli - now available in a new book, aptly surmised by its subtitle; ‘Tiny People in a World of Big Food’. The scenarios indulge Mr Boffoli’s childhood imagination by placing hand-painted figurines in scenarios involving real food. Some what of a rebellion against the old adage instilled in us... Read More

Jura Unbound


The Edinburgh Fringe showcases a vast array of talents within the comedy, acting and literary world. Thousands of people descend upon the city each year, to sample a plethora of acts that swarm the Scottish capital. It’s an exciting time with the city descending into a cultured frenzy of art, performance and social interaction. This year was no exception. We had the privilege... Read More

Jura 39 3/4 YO Single Malt


Distinguishing whisky tasting notes, let alone describing them, is a challenging task for anyone. Scottish whisky brand Jura have created some visuals to help bring to life and characterise the tasting notes of their new 40 Year Old whisky. What might have been considered a more traditional affair has now become playful and exciting by illustrator Robbies Brown Shoes. Jura’s... Read More