The Christmas Drinks Cabinet


The festive season has begun and beyond the opportunity for extended revelries about town, the time is also perfect to extend invitations for festivities in the comfort of your own home. Regardless the size of your soirée a well-stocked drinks cabinet is crucial in ensuring your guests’ libations are fixed with ease, giving you opportunity to simultaneously demonstrate your skills... Read More

MUMM House of Champagne x David Guetta


MUMM House of Champagne today launches the world’s first double screen music video for the track ‘Dangerous’, created with legendary DJ David Guetta. The collaboration marks the first time the House has collaborated with an innovator from the music industry, whose music video brings to life the thrill and emotion of and victory of Formula One™. Directed by Swedish... Read More

Exclusive: In Conversation with Mr. Eric Vallat


Having worked for some of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, including successful terms spent as CEO of Louis Vuitton Europe and President and Representative Director of Christian Dior Couture Japan, Mr. Eric Vallat is a man with some impressive credentials to his name. With his recent appointment as CEO at one of the world’s oldest Cognac houses, Rémy Martin,... Read More

Chivas x Bremont: Made for Gentlemen


Bremont and Chivas, two companies distinguished by their commitment to producing products of quality. Whilst the focus for their efforts may be different, the brands’ values merge in many ways and are perfectly displayed in their recent collaboration: the ‘Chivalry’ watch by Bremont. Available exclusively through an online auction that runs until November 22nd, with all proceeds... Read More



It’s obvious to say, but getting our 5-a-day – that’s five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables in total, not five portions of each, per day is hugely beneficial. Fruit and vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. This healthy intake of food is something we should all be taking part in, as it can help lower the risk of serious health... Read More

The Glenlivet – Vintage 1964


The Glenlivet has an extensive and unparalleled history crafting some of the finest whiskies ever produced, and their latest launch is one their most exciting yet. The Glenlivet have recently released their Vintage 1964 single malt whiskey, the first release in their highly anticipated Winchester collection. This 50 year old single malt is expected to be one of the most sought after... Read More

The Jameson Works x GAME


The Jameson Works x GAME: James Lowe on Grouse from The Jameson Works on Vimeo. British game is a unique and historic cuisine available only during a particular time of year, a delicious rarity that requires skill and understanding to prepare in a manner that retains the complex individual flavours for which the meat is known. To celebrate the craft and stories behind British game... Read More

An Exceptional Moment with Johnnie Walker Blue Label


Exceptional moments in life are truly a rarity. Whilst there may be occasions in your week that put a spring in your step, few have the ability to leave such a vivid impression as the instances where we stop to savour something of quality when it is before us. On a recent trip to enjoy the 2014 Ryder Cup, Ape to Gentleman’s Lifestyle Editor had the privilege of experiencing one... Read More

Manhattan Grill


When one of the things you hear about a restaurant’s chef is that President Obama is a former employer, you’re interest is peaked. When you hear that the restaurant he now works in specialises in steaks, you make reservations. Located within the Marriott Hotel at West India Key, Manhattan Grill offers up a fine selection of beef cuts proudly prepared by head chef Damian Trejo,... Read More

Ape to Video: Whisky Sour


Ape to Gentleman have teamed up with esteemed whisky brand Chivas to create a set of short videos to help your transformation from Ape to Gentleman. We will be adding more and more to our already strong Vimeo channel, please check back to keep updated. This first video focuses on how to make a Whisky Sour drink. How to make a Whisky Sour from Ape to Gentleman on Vimeo. More on... Read More