Acqua di Parma – Murano Candle Collection


Perfect for this cooler time of year, the Acqua di Parma – Murano Candle Collection. Available in three stylish colour combinations and transparencies, they are made using time-honoured Italian craft, technique and tradition – in Murano glass. Together, Acqua di Parma and master glass-blowers have blended art and practical skills to create this collection. The processing... Read More

Abercrombie & Fitch – Fierce Collection


If you’ve ever been into an Abercrombie & Fitch store, you’ll be well aware of their omnipresent fragrance for men; Fierce. It is wildly popular, almost signifying the brand in scent. Well, the American retailer has just extended its signature fragrance line, adding both Fierce Confidence and Fierce Intense to the collection. Fierce Confidence is the first... Read More

Addictive State of Mind by Kilian


Fragrance doesn’t get more regal than Kilian – in that the brand and the scents are truly special. To make matters better, Kilian has just released a new, 3-scent collection known as ‘three smokes’. The rich, smokey-based scents are perfect for Autumn/ Winter when we turn to fragrances with a deeper soul. Something that will last, and provide warm depth... Read More

John Varvatos Oud


As the popularity of Oud continues to grow, fashion designer John Varvatos has also been inspired by the luxury and opulence of the Middle East with a woody oriental fragrance underpinned by oud oil, tobacco and leather notes. Rare and complex, oud oil, is one of the most expensive oils in the world often referred to as “liquid gold.” John Varvatos Oud contains real and... Read More

Floris – Jermyn Street


Launching in October, 2014s final addition to Floris London’s ‘By Request’ service – the backbone of the Floris family business for 284 years; Jermyn Street. Made with notes of gin and old copper stills, with a splash of lemon, and the London plane – London’s most common tree and those that still stand around the Floris store today, London bricks... Read More

retaW JB Fragrance Liquid for Sneakers


After a sock-less summer many of us will be lamenting the demise of our once box-fresh trainers, with many pairs no doubt relegated from hallways to the back of wardrobes, never to see the light of day again. However there is hope of a second life for some pairs with the application of retaW’s Fragrance Liquid for Sneakers, an anti-bacterial mist with a subtle spiced mint aroma.... Read More



Slightly off topic for Ape to Gentleman but certainly deserving of a place in our Apeish category, Motogroom is the first grooming shampoo and sanitising range of products for the natural cleansing of a motorbike helmet and associated clothing. Wearing a helmet for months against your hair and face without cleaning is not ideal for helmet function, your skin, or malodour.... Read More

Ulrich Lang – Aperture


Ulrich Lang is a New York Fragrance brand which has a growing reputation for marrying fragrance with contemporary photography. Continuing in this vein, in February, they will release Aperture, showcasing the work of photographer Olivia Bee – a young lady with a notable body of work, aged just 19. Ulrich Lang have matched her series; “Quiet” in the warmth of the... Read More

Comme des Garçons GIRL


The latest scent from extrovert fragrance crafters; Comme des Garçons is GIRL by Pharrell Williams. It’s a unisex, woody scent with high quality ingredients, and a complex construction. Inspired by Pharrell’s monstrously successful album of the same name – it’s a first scent for the seven time grammy winner, and oscar nominee. Top Notes: Neroli, Lavender and White... Read More

Floris Oud


Floris, the British, family perfumers founded in 1730 by Juan Famenias Floris – have released two exceptional offerings; Leather Oud and Honey Oud. Additions to the Floris Private Collection, the family’s most prestigious range of perfumes – only available in small batches, these two eau de parfums are special. Leather Oud An oriental woody, inspired by deliveries... Read More