The Truth About Male Waxing


While male waxing is growing in popularity, it does remain somewhat of a taboo. Well, no longer – Ape to Gentleman are smashing that taboo. Unsightly body hair, should be removed for a variety of reasons – and crucially, if it makes you feel better, go for it. The next step is actually getting it done – which can be a worrisome thought, so we enlisted the help... Read More

Head & Shoulders Extra Strengthening Tonic


Released to the North American market in 1961, Head & Shoulders – the seemingly omnipresent leading anti-dandruff brand, has now notched over 50 years worth of experience in the good fight against dandruff whilst working to treat and maintain healthy looking hair. Scientific research and development has long been a key component of the brands ethos as Head & Shoulders... Read More

Top 10 Hair Styling Products


If clothes truly do make the man, his hairstyle should readily be recognised as the single most important accessory to completing this transformation. Whether long and unruly, shiny and slick, short and rigid – one’s hairdo of choice often says more about a man than what he wears, says or does. Having said that, one can hardly be blamed for getting lost in the overwhelming... Read More

Discovering Manhood with Baxter of California


An interesting video has just surfaced from men’s grooming brand Baxter of California. It highlights the transition from boy to man, and that exact, sometimes awkward moment when a boy discovers his manhood. We all remember that moment, slightly nervous – not sure what the end result will be. Reassuringly, Baxter of California are there for you – every step of... Read More

Interview: Michele Probst of Mënaji Cosmetics


The Introduction Mënaji Skincare for Men, also known as Mënaji Cosmetics – but definitely not as Mënaji Make-Up. Yes, the stigma around men wearing make-up still exists, but why? As more and more Apes and Gentleman opt for a concealer to cover a spot which emerged the morning of a first date, or a shiny forehead – why are we still covering up (excuse the pun) the... Read More

3 of The Best: Uplifting Shower Gels


As the nights draw in, and we wake up in darkness – that, or you’ve had a late night at the office, an early start or a heavy night of overindulgence. It may be time to consider a change of shower gel. Akin to a morning coffee, or a splash of cold water to the face – an invigorating, refreshing and all together zingy shower gel can really kick start your day. Here... Read More

The Anatomy of Manscaping


Manscaping, may or may not have made the English Oxford Dictionary. Either way, it’s a term on the rise as more Apes reach for those body groomers and turn their hairy torso’s into neatly clipped styles. A recent body styling survey revealed body grooming is reaching a whole new level. 70% of men in the UK wish they had less body hair. So what’s keeping men busy in... Read More



New to the world, as of 17 September 2013; the Klhip. The world’s first, and only, ergonomically correct nail clippers. Winner of I.D. Magazine’s Design Distinction Award, the GOOD DESIGN Award from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum and a Wallpaper* Design Award, the Klhip sets out to revolutionise our nail cutting lives. A better balance of ergonomics make the Klhip standout,... Read More



For the gentlemen amongst us who prefer to keep their torsos (and beyond) hair free, there is a new tool on the block. Known as Inhibitif – it touts itself as the pain-free alternative to waxing and expensive laser treatments. A highly-concentrated serum, Inhibitif helps reduce the apparent prominence and density of body hair, minimising the need for hair removal in 8 weeks. Entering... Read More

Polaar Icy Magic Eye Patch

Polaar Eye Patch

Following on from our recent review of the legendary Polaar Icy Magic eye roll-on, the French brand continue to innovate and save our ageing skin with the new Polaar Icy Magic Multi Energising Eye Patch. Containing the same polar regions inspired Siberian Ginseng for energy and skin tone, and Tetrapeptides which visibly reduce dark circles and puffiness – it’s sure... Read More