Addictive State of Mind by Kilian


Fragrance doesn’t get more regal than Kilian – in that the brand and the scents are truly special. To make matters better, Kilian has just released a new, 3-scent collection known as ‘three smokes’. The rich, smokey-based scents are perfect for Autumn/ Winter when we turn to fragrances with a deeper soul. Something that will last, and provide warm depth... Read More

12 Scents for Christmas


There’s nothing quite like Christmas and it’s nearly here again. Perfume is a perfect gift – it’s old, it’s new, it’s always exciting – but make sure you treat yourself first. My personal tip to take the sting out of Christmas shopping is to recommend that you start by buying something great for your own use and amusement. And let’s... Read More

Knize Ten


The end of the Great War saw a frenzied creative activity in the creation of scent: without Caron’s Tabac Blond there would have been no Knize Ten; without Knize Ten there might have been no Habanita. We have all three pillars of perfumery holding up the roof of Les Senteurs: the most remarkable and oddest of the trio is Knize Ten. Extraordinarily difficult to find, its reputation... Read More

Situations Solved by Scent


Life is rarely easy but it’s always interesting in its complexity and there’s nothing that cannot be improved, enlivened or sweetened by a spritz of the right scent. Fragrance says a great deal about the wearer so you need to be artful with its deployment. Perfume can work for you or against you: make sure you keep it on side. It can change your state of mind dramatically... Read More

Creed Spice and Wood


It’s possibly too early in the year, in fact – no it is too early, to be talking about winter. However, if you’re considering your next winter fragrance – may we draw your attention to the new Spice and Wood offering from Creed. Described as darkly aromatic, as the name suggests it contains a raft of woody notes including; birch, iris, angelica and cedar.... Read More

OUD Moods from Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Moods

The evocative aroma of Oud has been a source of inspiration for perfumers all over the world for centuries, but it’s potency has often made the oil a difficult ingredient to blend in fragrances without it dominating all other notes within. In his latest series of fragrances, scent designer Francis Kurkdjian has successfully tamed the intensity that makes Oud such an affecting... Read More

Amyris Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian


Francis Kurkdjian likes to think of his creations as part of a fragrance wardrobe. Rather then creating scents to define people, he creates bottled outfits that his clients can wear according to their personality and mood. His way of thinking is novel in a perfume market that frequently sells men and women identities that often eclipse their own. It is perhaps this reason that his... Read More

The Definitive Autumn/Winter 2011 Fragrance Edition


There is a certain invigorating quality about the autumn changing to winter: at its best it brisks you up like a jauntier version of New Year, with brilliant sun, crisp clear air and the constantly changing colours of the environment. The arrival of frosty mornings and a certain purposefulness in the season, ending of course with the Christmas beano which stands implacably waiting... Read More

Les Senteurs x Portman Village


  Les Senteurs, the original and most respected independent perfumery in Britain, has opened a second store in the Portman Village area of London’s Marylebone, a chic new destination for cutting edge independent retailers. Les Senteurs, launched in 1984 takes fragrance to a new level. With its international reputation for launching rare yet exquisite brands such as Annick... Read More

Mona di Orio – Tubereuse, Vetyver and Vanille


With an ever growing reputation as one of the world’s most gifted perfumers or ‘noses’, Mona di Orio‘s niche perfume offering grows with three new exquisite scents, Tubereuse, Vetyver and Vanille. Mona’s first trio in the Les Nombres d’Or line were extremely well received; Ambre, Musc and Cuir. We are sure Mona’s latest creations will be... Read More