Mastery of the Shaving Brush: Part 2 – How to use your Brush


So you’ve purchased your shave brush, now what do you do?  Well, if you have an animal hair shave brush you will probably need to prepare it for its first use.  More likely than not the first few times you use that brush you will be aware of an unpleasant aroma.  Its very common and should disappear after a couple weeks of use, but you can hasten the process several ways.... Read More

Mastery of the Shaving Brush: Part 1 – Choosing your Brush


Lets talk about shaving brushes for a moment.  You may think they’re old fashioned or foppish but the truth is using a shaving brush can make a huge difference in the quality of your shave.  Unfortunately selecting and using a shaving brush can bea little confusing to the uninitiated.  So lets start with trying to make a little sense out of the options. The most obvious selection... Read More

How to use a Double-Edged Safety Razor – Part 2


Here’s where all your new-found shaving knowledge gets put to use, shaving with a single blade safety razor. But first you’ll need a double edge razor and blade.  There are actually quite a few sources for razors, at several price points.  And while you may find an inexpensive razor at your local chemist, this is one area where you should spend some money for a quality product... Read More

How to use a Double-Edged Safety Razor – Part 1


Are you interested in trying a single blade razor?  If you are, you are going to have to re-learn some of the techniques you use to shave.  Here are 3 tips to get you started.  1st Tip First,  the best way to get to a single blade, double-edge (DE) razor, or even a straight edge (“cut throat”) razor, might be a shaving brush.  That’s right, making a really good lather... Read More

How to Shave – Shaving Concepts


There are four concepts you must understand in order to get a good shave. Concept number 1, Cleanliness.  If you’re using an electric razor the skin must be clean and dry.  If you’re using a manual razor the skin must be clean and wet.  Getting rid of all the dirt and debris from the skin will allow a blade to cut closer, its as simple as that. Concept number 2, Reduction. Don’t... Read More

How to Shave – Wet Shaving Razors


Wetshaving razors: so much marketing, so much technology, so little attention by the shaver.  Many people think it has everything to do with the number of blades on the cartridge.  But in a lot of ways the blade count may be the least important aspect of selecting and using a razor.  Lets go through some of the variables and give you the knowledge you need to find the right... Read More

How to Shave – Shaving Software


Shaving Software What exactly is shaving software? Shaving software are creams, gels, foams, and soaps.  All other things being equal, anything out of a pressurized can is the least desirable type of product to shave with.  Sure, many people can get an acceptable shave out of them but the propellant used will dry out the skin and then additional artificial lubricants have to... Read More

How to Shave – Preparing to Shave


A good shave starts before you actually shave.  The area you’re going to shave needs to be clean and thoroughly wet before you begin.  That means washing the area with a gentle soap and lots of warm water.  Be sure to use a product made for the face, even if you’re shaving somewhere else.  Body bars and deodorant soaps strip off the skin’s natural oil, drying out the... Read More

How to Shave – The Shaving Tutor


  How would you like to get an enjoyable shave, and maybe even save a quid or two?  You can do it by treating shaving as a skill, like riding a bike or playing a musical instrument.  Like any skill, shaving requires some knowledge, the right kind of equipment, and a little practice.  Let me show you what I mean with this overview, then we’ll get more into more detail later. Knowledge Most... Read More