Top 10 Royal Fragrances


Perfumes are an ancient royal perquisite. The Priest-Kings of the great ancient civilisations were probably the first humans to fragrance their bodies, lathering them with burnt woods and spices to please the nostrils of their gods. The perfume industry began as an exclusively male affair. As in the animal kingdom, the alpha male was more amply scented than his mate as part of his... Read More

10 of the Best: Autumn/ Winter Fragrances


As Autumn sets in and Winter approaches, we asked fragrance experts Les Senteurs to detail 10 of the Best Autumn/ Winter Fragrances. Words by James Craven – Les Senteurs’ nationally quoted fragrance archivist and expert chronicler of all things culturally fragrant. We all appreciate the pleasurable sensation and adventure of reflecting the changing seasons of the year... Read More

The Fragrant Ape wears Scent: How the Ape should care for it


Here you need no more than a few basic watch points, augmented by common sense. Firstly, remember my food metaphor: use it up! Don’t leave it in the wardrobe for high days and holidays that never come. Would you do that with the lobster mayonnaise? Enjoy it while it’s fresh and at its best, and while you love it. Your taste will change slowly but continuously so once... Read More

The Fragrant Ape wears Scent: How the Ape wears it


Every way and no way. You must be the master of your own fragrance and wear it exactly as you wish. Much nonsense is talked about this: all I can do is give you a few tips. Most modern fragrances are now sold with a fixed spray atomiser. This is an advantage: the cologne will smell much better, quicker as it is diffused over a much greater area in smaller quantities. The molecules... Read More

The Fragrant Ape wears Scent: How the Ape chooses it

Serge-Lutens-How-to-Choose-a Fragrance

With care and patience! NEVER rush it. Half the pleasure is in the choosing and the deliberation. You are making an investment here so take your time and let it be a good one. The Golden Rule: shop alone! A companion will only distract, get bored, put you off or impose his own views. Perfume is ultra-personal, highly subjective. The most important thing is to please yourself: you... Read More

The Fragrant Ape Wears Scent: Why the Ape wears it

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THE FRAGRANT APE WEARS SCENT: WHY THE APE WEARS IT It was a canny Guerlain Nose who said that a woman without a perfume is a woman without a future, and there’s no doubt that the same goes for men too. It is natural for Man to perfume himself: we have been doing it in one way or another since the dawn of our creation, beguiled by the extraordinary power and mystery of the... Read More