The Truth About Male Waxing


While male waxing is growing in popularity, it does remain somewhat of a taboo. Well, no longer – Ape to Gentleman are smashing that taboo. Unsightly body hair, should be removed for a variety of reasons – and crucially, if it makes you feel better, go for it. The next step is actually getting it done – which can be a worrisome thought, so we enlisted the help... Read More

Frame x Face Shape


An age-old problem for many an Ape and Gentleman, choosing the right pair of glasses and or sunglasses to suit ones face shape. With the plethora of options available today, we spoke with Alexis Amor, partner and creative director at Iris Optical, who offers a curated selection of some of the world’s best eyewear, to provide you all with a few tips to make the most of... Read More

12 Scents for Christmas


There’s nothing quite like Christmas and it’s nearly here again. Perfume is a perfect gift – it’s old, it’s new, it’s always exciting – but make sure you treat yourself first. My personal tip to take the sting out of Christmas shopping is to recommend that you start by buying something great for your own use and amusement. And let’s... Read More

Interview: Michele Probst of Mënaji Cosmetics


The Introduction Mënaji Skincare for Men, also known as Mënaji Cosmetics – but definitely not as Mënaji Make-Up. Yes, the stigma around men wearing make-up still exists, but why? As more and more Apes and Gentleman opt for a concealer to cover a spot which emerged the morning of a first date, or a shiny forehead – why are we still covering up (excuse the pun) the... Read More

The Shelf: Foot Care


The Shelf is a men’s grooming series by Ape to Gentleman focusing on skin care; designed to assist with common grooming ailments, achieving certain looks and general best practice. Different from our Top 10 or Three of The Best series, The Shelf offers rounded solutions to a variety of topics – resulting in recommended products for your bathroom shelf. Similar Ape to... Read More

Philips Styleshaver


2013 has seen facial hair reemerge as major trend, with many of the leaders in style and fashion supporting varying lengths of beard. With a greater emphasis on refinement the demand from the consumer has changed from a traditional styling combination of razor and basic electric clippers. In response Philips have introduced the cordless Styleshaver, an innovative 3-in-1 styler,... Read More

Hair Trends 2013


Thinking of making a change to your hair style? Take a look at the latest hair trends for 2013 below first. Ape to Gentleman enlisted the help and advice of the experts from the Saco Creative Team led by Richard Ashforth. Credits Hair: Saco Creative Team led by Richard Ashforth. Photography: David Oldham. Make-Up: Maxine Leonard. Clothing: Serena Gill. Inspiration: A statement... Read More

Top 10 Wash Bag/ Dopp Kit Essentials


Fitting quality men’s grooming products in a frequent traveller, gym enthusiast or sportsman’s luggage can require too much space. Subsequently, many skin care essentials are left at home on your bathroom shelf. Our focus is of course to keep you looking more Gentleman than Ape, so thought it prudent that we share our Top 10 male grooming products for your Wash Bag (UK)... Read More

Great Gatsby Grooming

Gatsby Grooming

The Great Gatsby style was inspired by the emerging success and consumerism within post-war (WW1) America. The 1920’s saw an explosion in popular culture, Jazz music and style. Men’s hair was still very military looking. Clean cut, slicked back and held in place with hair creams. Styles also had to compliment and remain unaffected by hats which were a very popular accessory... Read More

How to use a Straight Razor/ Cut-Throat Razor


Popularity of the Straight Razor, also known as Cut-Throat Razor is growing exponentially; with many gentleman opting for the enormously satisfying and nostalgic traditional method. For those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have the guiding hand of a well versed grandfather at hand, we enlisted the help of expert London barber Thom Robins for a guide on how to achieve a... Read More