A. Sauvage: Spring/Summer ’14

A. Sauvage continue to blur cultural boundaries, and for their latest collection the designer (Adrien Sauvage) tells the story of his Great-Grandfather’s journey from western Nigeria to Scotland.

A. Sauvage Spring/Summer '14

Among the usual delivery of peak lapel blazers and casual sweatshirts lies an interesting creation… The brand’s first tartan. Using signets of Sauvage’s kente affiliation to add a new lease of life to the traditional Scottish print, these flickers of colour tell a metaphoric tale of duality and transformation.

 Adrien Sauvage Spring/Summer '14

An expansion into the accessories can also be seen with the addition of bags, eyewear and leather goods – helping to create ensembles that have the ability to thrive under an ever more scrutinising menswear market.

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