Dior Homme Metal Corner Document Holder

The Dior Homme Metal Corner is the businessman’s indispensable document holder. Reinterpreted along clean lines and available in double-sided leather set off with a distinctive metal closure.

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    Just when you then elegance can’t be enhanced. Dior does it yet again.

  • Eric

    Looks sturdy and yes, elegant but upon closer inspection, most unworthy of the price tag. the metal hardware feels a tad cheap. The majority of the stitch work is done with a machine; what remains are a few centimetres of handmade saddle-stitches on the luggage tag and leather tab above the lock-clasp. The edges show inking done by a lackadaisical, almost clumsy hand. And the leather? No transparency…devoid of natural grain/texture. It is Stamped……… Done only with poorer grade skins that are too marred, marked and scarred. For the price, get yourself a TUMI or burn a nice hole in your pocket with a visit to that ot’H’er store known for its bright orange boxes.