Diptyque Noisetier & Genévrier

New from Diptyque, Noisetier & Genévrier candles – inspired by Autumns nature. Noisetier celebrates the prosperous season with a jaunt onto shady, fertile and dry lands. While Genévrier reminds me of a stroll through a conifer wood, with it’s deep and intense fragrance.



From the Hazel tree, where hazelnuts mature through autumn and are ideally harvested during September-November. The key note is woody with fruity, bitter, and tart accords.



Also known as Juniper, an evergreen shrub and member of the Cupressaceae family – growing up to 10m tall. Slow growing but with longevity, the inconspicuous Juniper blooms yield small white flowers that turn in to pea-sized, greenish berries. The fragrance is a spicy, woody affair warmed by a smoky touch.

Each candle is 190g and retails at £40. An ideal fragrant addition to any home, delivering a warming, autumnal ambiance. Available from 2 September 2013.