Top 10 Hair Styling Products

If clothes truly do make the man, his hairstyle should readily be recognised as the single most important accessory to completing this transformation. Whether long and unruly, shiny and slick, short and rigid – one’s hairdo of choice often says more about a man than what he wears, says or does. Having said that, one can hardly be blamed for getting lost in the overwhelming shuffle of products that easily inundate our favourite salon shelves. With a plethora of styling products to choose from, we break down our Top 10 Hair Styling Products for men to help you in your quest to individualise your spiffy coif.

Last updated: 15 September 2014.

1. Hanz de Fuko Quicksand


Hanz de Fuko, rumoured to be used by Mr David Beckham – is the finest hair styling brand we have come across. A real breath of creative fresh air, and different. Quicksand is our pick of the bunch, for its almost gravity defying, and dry matte finish – perfect for those looking to add extra volume. Importantly, despite its superior hold, it is easily distributed and washed off hands. Superb.

£16.00 >


2. Mr. Natty Paste


Developed by celebrity Hairstylist Matt Raine, the artistry of his brilliance is on full display in his recent collaboration with Mr. Natty. Subtly fragrant, the paste masterfully achieves that natural groomed aesthetic with a clean, silk-like finish.

£15.00 >


3. TommyGuns Moulding Texturing Paste with Oranges and Limes


Industry acknowledged for the their clever blend of “old world” heritage influence along with modern day craftsmanship, TommyGuns offer a unique styling pomade lined with aromatic orange and lime accents creating an elegantly scented paste enhancing hold and natural texture for that highly coveted matte finish.

£6.50 >


4. Lavett & Chin No.02 Pomade


Reaching out to some of the most remote places on Earth, L&C turn to the lush regions of India, Uganda and El Salvador to blend mango and shea butter along with other important essential oils to make up this chemically balanced yet highly luxurious styling pomade. Ideal for adding texture, the carefully blended formula allows manageability while featuring a surprising light finish.

$38.00 >


5. Baxter of California Clay Pomade


Conceived in 1965, Baxter of California has consistently strived for greatness as the west coast based brand continues to churn out products admired and consumed by some of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest. Ideal for all hair types, the natural clay based pomade offers a firm hold with a clean matte finish.

£18.00 >


6. Bumble and bumble Texture Creme


Beauty and grooming giant Bumble and Bumble more than live up to the hype with the creation of this innovative styling crème. Suitable for all hair types, this cutting edge product allows for a firm and tousled, shine-free finish.

£22.50 >


7. American Crew Fiber


Optimal for gents with shorter hair, this fiber-like resinous wax adds welcome volume and texture helping to create a firm, pliable hold.

£13.45 >


8. LS&B Ruck Matte Putty


With a boisterous name play referring to “complete” “everything”, LS&B offer up some of their best work to date with this highly versatile matte styling putty. Fitting for shorter styles, the putty serves to add volume and depth to messy, undone hairdos.

£11.95 >


9. Sebastian Molding Mud


Firmly grounded in its LA roots, Sebastian has taken great strides to help re-invent and shape the ever-changing landscape of the grooming industry. Through the creation of their molding mud, this fiber infused sculptor takes aim at men looking to add volume whilst maintaining manageability to their coifs.

£11.40 >


10. Philip Kingsley Hair Texturizer


Considered by many as a leading expert in hair and scalp health, Philip Kingsley carefully concoct a styling paste containing beeswax and lanolin boasting a product that not only styles, but defines, conditions and adds shine to finished styles.

£15.00 >
  • rob

    does anyone know where to find toni&guy erin matte styling paste?? was the best matt paste ever,

  • Ape to Gentleman

    Sorry rob, no. Have you tried emailing T&G?

  • mikal

    Best hair product in these site.

  • Rob

    I have tried, had no luck there either. Thanks for getting back anyway and sorry I’ve taken so long to reply!

  • Ape to Gentleman


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  • Ape to Gentleman

    No worries Rob. Anyway, forget about Toni & Guy, try Hanz de Fuko.

  • Aren

    Hair product for curly hair type please. Normal curl. Not tiny nor big curl.

  • Aren

    In my opponion, Hanz de fuko is the best. But i think no retailer sell that product in my country. Its to expensive if buy online.

  • Ape to Gentleman

    Which country do you live in Aren?