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I am not a barber.  In fact my “real” job has nothing to do with grooming.  I shaved with an electric razor for 30 years and never much thought about it: buzz, buzz, zip, zip, done. I had a 5 O’ Clock shadow by two, but I thought that was “normal.” Then in 2002 I got married.  One thing my wife absolutely adored was the feeling of my face just after it was freshly shaven. Unfortunately she could only enjoy caressing my face for a few hours before it would get a bit “sandpapery” again.

A couple years later we are in Las Vegas on holiday for our wedding anniversary and while we were there my wife treated me to an “old style” barbershop shave at a place called “Art of Shaving.” I’ve never experienced anything like it: afterwards my face is incredibly soft and smooth, I don’t need to shave again for two days, and I’m almost continuously touching my face in amazement. I’m sold on this way of shaving

After I return home I immediately started to surf the internet, trying to learn more…and discover there’s very little information.  I eventually found the MSN Wetshavers forum (now defunct) and over the course of the next year I slowly learn (and learn to appreciate…and begin to advocate to my friends) shaving with a brush and traditional lather. I graduate from a Mach3 to a single-blade safety razor to an adjustable safety razor. As my own shaving technique matures I discover that I can actually offer some advice to “newbies” on the discussion board once in a while.

In the late spring of 2006 a casual comment in a discussion thread on the Wetshavers forum suggests

“Someone needs to do a video on how to shave!”

The general concensus is that the idea is appealing but probably too difficult to do. After all, you need to see lather in three dimensions and be able to feel it to truly understand it, and a lot of the background techniques really need to be shown “in person.” Or so went the thinking. It was also felt that the video technology of the day wasn’t quite up to the quality that was necessary to properly demonstrate shaving.

But it stirred something inside me. I knew the basics of putting together a video and I had just gotten a camcorder a few months before so I decided to experiment around a little. I put together some test footage and asked the MSN guys to comment. I got some really good feedback and suddenly it didn’t seem so impossible. I put up the three part “introductory” series that you still see on the channel and the rest, as they say, is history.

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