Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade

Like many facets of a man’s appearance hairstyles often look back to the past for inspiration. Along with the resurgence of hairstyles of old, inevitably comes the resurgence of hairstyling products of old, albeit with a ‘modern’ twist. Let’s take for example the very simple but very effective Pomade. This is already the 4th mention of pomade on Ape to Gentleman in recent times, and by the looks of things, it won’t be the last.

Grant’s Golden Brand Pomade is a superior quality, medium weight, water based pomade that gives hair a high gloss with a very strong hold. The weight of the pomade is such that you simply use as much or as little your hair requires. It works well with Cary Grant quiffs, distressed mess or the increasingly popular Don Draper businessman look. As Grant’s pomade is water based, it washes out easily to save you hours at the sink. The beauty of Pomade is that it doesn’t dry out or harden so your hair can continuously be restyled for hours without the ‘Lego man’ stiff appearance given by some gels. Which is very important of course, because as Grant quite rightly says, “Style is everything”.

  • Jamie Dixon

    You’re right, this pomade washes off easily. My husband loves this pomade (I admit, when he’s not looking I use it from time to time). Right before our wedding, my husband needed some sort of gift for his best man and groomsmen and luckily we found this pomade. It was the perfect groomsmen gift idea and they all loved it. Love the smell (not too over-powering like some of the strong cologne-type smells out there) and this pomade goes a long way so it’s a good deal on the price. I’m just happy we found a hair product for him that doesn’t cause white flakes that look like dandruff after hardening. Definitely recommended pomade.

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  • Ape to Gentleman

    Jamie Dixon, thanks for the feedback. Grant’s isn’t the mostly widely promoted brand but many of our readers suggested giving it a try and we’re glad we did – great discover, fine product.