Oral-B Pro-Expert Toothpaste Review

Before I lose you with a review solely about toothpaste, this one has taken 15 years to develop. Interested? Well, you did click the link to get to this page so oral health is clearly important to you. There are plenty of technicalities to come but the crux of why this particularly toothpaste is important is the promise that it can do everything. Let me explain what I mean by ‘everything'; have you ever searched through the hundreds of on-counter toothpastes trying to find a paste that meets all your requirements? For example, toothpaste ‘A’ may be great for sensitivity but contain no whitening ingredients. Oral-B Pro-Expert, does everything. Everything is made possible by two powerful ingredients: Stannous Fluoride and the Polyphosphate System. Read on…


Surface stains can build up from smoking, drinking and eating, resulting in tooth discolouration. Oral-B Pro-Expert possesses a polyphosphate system preventing stains from happening by protecting the surface of the teeth from stain build up and, in combination with silica, removes discolouration.

Oral-B say clinical research showed: Up to 96% less stains in two weeks.


Bad breath can be caused by eating foods with a pronounced odour, but essentially the problem is caused by bacteria in the mouth. There are about 500-600 types of bacteria in an average mouth. Stannous fluoride within Pro-Expert interacts with bacteria associated with bad breath and prevents it from multiplying.

Oral-B say clinical research showed: Up to 71% fresher breath after three weeks versus regular fluoride toothpaste.


This is the hardest substance in the human body, but daily exposure to acids in fruits and drinks can wear away at its surface, resulting in enamel erosion. Stannous fluoride forms a barrier against damaging acids and helps to protect enamel and prevent erosion.

Oral-B say clinical research showed 58% reduction in enamel loss versus fluoride toothpaste.


Dentin, the inner layer of the tooth, contains microscopic hollow tubes that run from the outside of the tooth to the nerve. When dentin loses its protective covering, the tubes allow heat and cold, acidic or sticky foods to stimulate the nerves inside the tooth, and that’s what causes the discomfort. Stannous fluoride blocks dentinal tubules to help prevent sensitivity.

Oral-B say clinical research showed up to 44% less sensitivity after eight weeks versus an ordinary toothpaste.

Gum Problems

They develop when plaque bacteria accumulate and release toxic substances. If left untreated, this can lead to tooth loss and more serious gum problems.

Oral-B say when you brush with Oral-B Pro-Expert paste, stannous fluoride is released in the mouth. It helps prevent gum problems by slowing down the growth of bacteria and reducing plaque accumulation. Clinical research show up to a 57% reduction in gum problems versus an ordinary toothpaste.


When plaque mineralises on teeth, it hardens and turns into tartar and needs to be removed by a dental professional using specialist tools. Oral-B Pro-Expert with its polyphosphate system immediately forms a protective barrier that helps prevents tartar build up by keeping plaque from hardening and, in combination with silica, removes stains.

Oral-B say clinical research showed: Up to 56% less tartar than a leading multi-benefit toothpaste.


Plaque is caused by bacteria build up on teeth, which starts to accumulate within 20 minutes after eating. If you don’t brush it away, the bacteria can lead to tooth decay as well as tartar and gum problems. Stannous fluoride slows down bacteria and plaque growth to give long-lasting protection.

Oral-B say clinical research showed a significant reduction in plaque re-growth over 24 hours.


They occur when sugars and starches are in continual contact with teeth, allowing bacteria to thrive and release acid that breaks down enamel. Stannous fluoride interacts with bacteria to slow down growth and reduce damaging acid. It builds up minerals worn down by acid and helps protect enamel against further tooth decay and cavities. Stannous fluoride strengthens the teeth against the acid formed by bacteria, and helps speed up the process of rebuilding damaged areas.

Oral-B say they have clinically proven anti-cavity benefits in a two year study.

After 15 years in development, this unique paste offers a scientific breakthrough in oral care, our technology and key ingredients are supported by more than 70 scientific studies proving that Oral-B is at the forefront of scientific innovation and advancement in oral care. We are proud to present a toothpaste as good as our toothbrushes.

Dr Robert Gerlach, Research Fellow of Procter & Gamble.

Having met Dr Robert Gerlach, I can confirm he is certainly the right man to be in charge of our oral healthcare. I can also confirm that Oral-B Pro-Expert Toothpaste is up there with the best I’ve used. After the initial shock of the crunchy crystals (a new system designed to deliver Stannous Fluoride and the Polyphosphate System which otherwise would break down within regular toothpaste), I can further confirm that you will be pleased with the results.

RRP: £3.49 for 75ml. Available from www.Boots.com.

  • mrfrontera

    Well now I know my next toothpaste…
    I was using one of the Sensodyne foaming gel brands that said it was multipurpose… and its funny you say “have you ever spent hours looking for the right toothpaste?” because I truly was there for at least an hour reading every single one

  • Ian Smith

    After a somewhat painful jaunt to the dental hygienist, my teeth took on a shine so unlike them i thought they’d glow in the dark, or at least make some cool colours under UV. I was given a free sample tube of this stuff, one of those small ones that you try and eke out as long as possible, with the statement of “this is the new ‘you can’t bend it’ toothpaste that does everything. I don’t even think it’s out yet”. So off I trotted home happy in the thought that, if nothing else, I’d picked up a freebee (which was the least the hygienist should have done after the torture that was the sonic cleaner).

    Okay so my initial thought was ‘toothpaste isn’t normally crunchy. Mayhaps I’ve been given an off one’. It was weird at first, but I’m really starting to enjoy the stuff now. It leaves my teeth feeling cleaner for longer than any other toothpaste I’ve tried previously. My breath seems to stay fresher for longer (at least that’s what The Wife says). I’ve suffered in the past with what I’ve reliably been informed as hereditary gingivitis, meaning ive had to take perhaps more care with my oral health than many others. Since using this toothpaste that seems to have all but cleared up.

    Overall a massive thumbs up from me and I would urge you all to at least give it a try when it goes up for regular sale next month.

  • http://apetogentleman.com Ape to Gentleman

    Interesting feedback Iain, thanks. The crunchiness certainly is novel.

  • Vick

    My Dental Hygeniest gave me a free sample of this toothpaste about 4 months ago – after the initial squick because it tastes like the dental rinse stuff you get on a trip to the Hygenist, I love it. It’s the best toothpaste I’ve ever used, and has reduced staining on my teeth massively. Am so glad it’s available on the market now!

  • David

    I had severe toothache tried this toothpaste,it was amazing within a few hours it had gone, and I mean severe toothache I had it for about five days along with migrane.really impressed.

  • Nicola

    I tried this toothpaste after being a dedicated user of corsadyl toothpaste and mouthwash.

    Within 1/2 an hour the skin on the inside of my lips was peeling off and stopped where the outside of my lips started :-(

  • Elizabeth

    I picked up a sample at the dentist a couple of weeks ago and loved it. Although my teeth are sound so far as decay goes Recently I’ve started tending to build up tartar quickly – my dentist thinks I secrete more calcium than average, so I go for a clean every three months. Maybe after using this for a while I’ll be able to go back to six monthly visits.

    Tip! Right now Boots have it at an introductory price of £1.99 and on and in a “3 items for the price of 2 offer”. Perfect to stock up. I’ve got 5 tubes now. :D

  • Mark

    My 4 year old son came home from school with a free sample and insisted that we immediately write his name on the tube so that his little sister, mum or dad wouldn’t nick it as he’d been using it at school and loved it.

    In true fatherly fashion I thought I’d better try it out to see what the fuss was about so of course I helped myself that night. I’ve always been fairly good about oral hygiene brushing regularly and generally having ok teeth (4 fillings in 42 years) but I’ve never really been able to stop the natural yellowing with age. I didn’t want to go down the harsh chemical route and always hoped that something would come along…..

    Well this is almost it! My teeth are noticeably less stained and my mouth feels fresher for longer after brushing. It tastes good and my mouth certainly isn’t as sensitive as it has been in the past.

    It certainly won’t be all things to all people but if you’re serious about your teeth I think it’s worth a go.

  • R. B.

    This toothpaste is possibly the greatest toothpaste of all time. It’s so good I’m trying to persuade everyone at work to buy it.

  • Tom T

    I saw the adverts and all of the introductory offers for this so thought I’d give it a go and try some. The result….? I’m very disappointed!

    It doesn’t behave like a normal toothpaste in the mouth and seems to break down and disappear very quickly, it doesnt froth up and I find I have to top the toothbrush up with more paste to get anywhere near a clean feeling.
    It almost feels like the consistency of one of those “once every six weeks’ pastes by the addition of the gritty bits.

    The glowing reviews above sound like the oral b staff have been buy on their lunchbreak ;) all respect to oral b, they make an excellent toothbrush, I love my triumph 5000. Sadly I have cast my tube of oral b paste aside and will let the gf carry on using it whilst I revert back to my trusty aquafresh!

  • Brenda McR

    Like the glowing report of Oral-B Pro-Expert. I have used it – on my second tube – and it gives an excellent clean. There is a but though… The skin inside my mouth is now peeling off each day, disconcerting to say the least, so I am reluctantly going back to my previous toothpaste, Sensodyne, which never gave me this problem.
    A lot of people seem to be complaining of this peeling so the manufacturers should issue a notice saying what ingredient causes it so we can be better informed in the future.

  • razzledazzle

    I’ve been using this toothpaste now regularly for about 4 weeks. i will state, i do brush my teeth 3 times a day, and i also mouth wash with Listerine twice daily too. Listerine has always made my skin peel off, so sometimes i will skip using it until about an hour after my teeth have been brushed.

    I seem to have really got on with this paste. the crunchy bits are a little worrying at first, but after a little while of using it you find they’re really good for you and you can deal with it. I also had the peeling of the skin inside my mouth for the first week or two of using it, but feeling brave i powered through.
    I AM SO GLAD I DID ,after approximately 10 days the peeling stopped, i seemed to have brushed through it, i have no soreness in my mouth and i haven’t had a toothache yet. My teeth are noticeably whiter, and not the kind of notice you get from a friend who feels you need sympathy, as in i have had comments on how well my teeth are looking.

    I think what it boils down to is , “it’s a toothpaste” some people will be ecstatic with the results, and blown away by how well it worked for them ( like i have been) and others will be disappointed. I’d ask anybody to try this toothpaste for a month, and see how it worked for them. i have recommended it to a few friends because i think you owe it to your teeth to look after them as well as you can. Overall, a great toothpaste.

  • anthony

    I like the new oral be toothpaste but like many others me and my wife also found that after brushing we had the skin inside our mouths peeling {its like eating a tissue!} I contacted Proctor and Gamble and they were not suppresed and asked me to send back the toothpaste. They even sent me a carrier and vouchers to the value of the original purchase price ..I do still like it and after asking my dentist he said carry on using it as it will stop soon.

  • Ann

    I am glad I am not the only one who’s mouth is peeling. It makes me feel a little sick, though I have kept with it. My teeth do feel nice and clean although I have been using a polishing attatchment on my electric toothbrush just to get rid of the grittiness after brushing.

    My partner went to the dentist this week and I got him to grill our dentist on the paste. He said to use it, it is the best on offer and the grittiness and peeling is normal.

    I am going to stick with it, even if my lips have gone a bit red and puffy!! Definately strong stuff!

    It also tastes like bubble gum which I found really odd!

  • Portable Deluxe

    In a word PAIN. This toothpaste hurts like hell. I do NOT have sensitive teeth, but as soon as this stuff touches them it’s like an electric shock has been applied. Sheer torture.

    I’ve never experienced anything like this with any other toothpaste. I purchased this on a BOGOF promotion at superdrug. Now both tubes are in the bin.

  • Patsy

    This stuff is banging. I was at the dentist a few days ago and the hygenist told me to get some special mouthwash for the mild gingivitis I have that causes my gums to bleed buckets if I so much as touch my teeth with detal floss.

    After my appointment, I noticed that there was a box of free samples by the reception desk. Me and my Mum hatched a plan to distract the receptionists while I got as many free samples as I could.

    Few days later after using this stuff, my gingivitis is gone. My teeth are so goddamn clean I can sit in the pub and piss people off by rubbing my fingertips against my teeth and make them squeak. And they’re getting really white.

    SO glad I’ve got 14 free samples of this stuff.

  • Clive

    I was also given a fee sample from my dentist and at first had a job to get used to it with the gritty feeling. It is very similar to the old toothpaste that came in a flat tin and you had to brush it with the tootbrush to use it.
    I had suffered from bleeding gums and nothing would seem to clear it up. After 6 weeks with this it has stopped and my mouth is fresher and teeth whiter. It suits me but may not suit others but until you try it you will never know.

  • Arlene

    This was recommended by my dentist, but after half a tube my mouth became dry and my lips would “stick” to my teeth. The corners of my mouth are also sore and look unsightly. I have changed toothpaste and the saliva has come back and the soreness is slowly disappearing. The 2 tubes I purchased from Superdrug on offer will probably be binned

  • neil daglish

    oral b pro expert toothpaste made my tongue very sore and actually bleed after using for three weeks. I happened to mention it to a friend who had the same symptoms and by process of elimination we discovered that we had both recently purchased oral b pro expert. Within a week of stopping using the toothpase our symptoms disappeared…

  • M Jefferson

    I used sensodyne gentle whitening for years without any problems except the whitening didn’t work I started using the gentle whitening of this brand and I have developed a sore mouth, bad breath excessive dryness especially after sleep. Stopped using it my Oral B toothbrush can continue to sing all by myself.

  • Andy

    All very well and good that this is a ‘break-through’ toothpaste, but I don’t appreciate that it removes the skin from the inside of my mouth each morning, when used the night before…and when used in the mornings, the skin from my mouth begins peeling by the time I’m at work…

    Maybe it suits others, but this toothpaste is not for me…

  • carol

    I love this toothpaste, I smoke and am a coffee drinker and I’ve tried every toothpaste going over the years,also some quite expensive home whitening kits nothing has come close to being as effective as this new toothpaste. The staining that even a visit to my dentist didn’t remove have now gone. I also suffered from bleeding gums which is no longer a problem. Something else that I’ve found is no tartar build up for my dentist to remove. Never reviewed a product before,but love this one,shame some people had less positive results. If you do experience the skin peelin problem I would definitely not give up on the product straight away,that particular problem as some others have indicated will probably subside.

  • http://google dawn denton

    Feb 2012, and only heard about this toothpaste recently having been giving a free sample off of a website.if it wasnt for the free sample i may not have tried it ,but im very glad i did it leaves your teeth and mouth feeling better than any other toothpaste ive tried before it tastes nice and dosnt foam up in your mouth when brushing. its the only 1 i will be buying from now on

  • marge

    i was sent a sample of the oral b pro-expert and it really works. my teeth were whiter and the usually bleeding during flossing stopped, will definitely change toothpaste

  • Anna Wilson

    I’m on my fourth tube of the Sensitive Oral B Pro Expert – not the cheapest at around £4 but I had been impressed with its whitening effects. However for the past 2 weeks my gums have been bleeding right round my mouth every time I brush my teeth. It’s very painful. The inside of my lips have almost been “resurfaced” by this stuff, taking on a rash-like appearance and they stick to my lips, with a feeling of dryness.

    A visit to my dentist this morning has identified (along with the almost identical reports above) that this toothpaste is to blame. She has patients with similar symptoms after using Oral B and described the differences with this toothpaste compared to others. Unusually, it contains no water and as a result absorbs all of the natural moisture in your mouth. It also contains a different type of fluoride, which is much stronger, contributing to it’s whitening strength, but with the downside of my symptoms described above.

    As much as I’ve loved my whiter gleaming gnashers, I’m afraid that bleeding gums and peeling my lips off my teeth mid-conversation are too high a price to pay (as is £4 frankly).

  • Victoria

    The gritty consistency does feel a bit odd at first and I’ve also had the peeling effect… not sure whether its the skin inside my mouth though or just a kind of filmy substance the toothpaste leaves behind. And it does cost a lot for a smaller than standard tube. It does leave my teeth feeling nice and clean though.

  • Mary-Jane

    I thought i’d give this stuff a go and see what the fuss was all about and after 2 weeks of using it my bottom jaw fell off.

  • Ant

    Caused my mouth skin to peel, this really freaked me out as I though I was getting Chrones disease or something. I finally twigged it was the toothpaste causing this but why doesnt Oral-B put a warning on the pack, it seems to be affecting a significant number of people

  • Muriel

    Can anyone tell me if they have experienced a sense of eating cardboard after using Oral b toothpaste.

  • sandra

    my partner brought me this toothpaste wish he had’nt bothered ended up with painkillers because of the pain in my bottom teeth and jaw let alone the feeling that i had burnt the inside of my lip i will never use it again

  • mike

    Anything that makes the skin peel off the inside of my mouth goes in the trash, which is where this ‘Oral B Pro Expert’ muck belongs. When I use this ‘toothpaste’, my mouth peels. When I stop using it, my mouth stops peeling. And it’s not just me, my wife gets the same symptoms. We’re now back to using our old toothpaste, never to return to Oral B toothpaste products. Vile, filthy muck. Don’t use it.

  • Robbo

    Amazing product, but …

    I’ve been using this for sometime now as a replacement to Arm and Hammer Whitening.

    It has a similar ‘gritty’ feel to the ‘Arm and Hammer’ but grittier! Grrrrr! I kinda like it! But in no way is this painful and breaks down in no time.

    It definitely doesn’t have a traditional minty taste to it either. There’s mint there but also something that reminds you of the dentist! Also it doesn’t foam a great deal but still enough to get round your mouth.

    The results: ACE! It will give you whiter, cleaner looking and feeling teeth. I used to get intermittent teeth problems aches, sensitivity. But been using this stuff for over a year and not had a twinge! Definitely leaves your breath fresher for longer too.

    DOWN SIDE: I, like many other people have experienced what I call ‘mouth bogeys’ others have suggested skin shedding, slime, ‘film’ in their mouth after using it.

    It’s not as dramatic as it sounds! It sometimes happens to me (it is weird) but I use the toothpaste regardless as it’s the best toothpaste for your TEETH I have come across.

  • Naz

    I’ve been backwards and forwards to my doctor, dentist and looking up the internet to see why my mouth has been on fire for the last few weeks, put it down to post menopause, lack of B vitamins and so on…..only to realise that the Oral B tooth paste is responsible for my agony!!! Stay AWAY from this product!!!

  • Selwyn

    I used a sample from the dentist with a icon of a tooth on the pack
    There was blue paste with white dots inside and clean mint written on the tube. I have just bought a tube from superdrug but the paste is white with blue dots and mild mint written on the tube. They both had the same icon – a tooth- What is the difference? Are they the same product? Can somebody help?

  • saba

    Its great in terms deep cleaning. It does work, only big downer is (maybe depending on skin sensitivity) skin inside the mouth peels off in huge amounts. Usually once after brushing, then its fine.

  • Dr Andrew White

    THis is simply the most amazing tooth paste ever. IT DOES NOT COMPARE WITH ANY OTHER I HAVE EVER USED. This one does actually do what it says it does. It totally removes tooth sensitivity. Totally removes plaque and staines and makes teeth cleaning a totally enjoyable experience. I work in Iraq and have taken tubes of it there to give to all my staff. It it is not there yet!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra

    THIS TOOTHPASTE SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING!!! It may be suitable for some people, but every time I use it, it takes the skin off the mucosa inside my lips and cheeks. Yes, it’s the best toothpaste I’ve used for getting my teeth clean, but the soreness and dry mouth just isn’t worth it! In fact, any substance that dries the mouth like this, is actually bad for your teeth, as the reduction in natural protective saliva will cause tooth decay.

  • Sandra

    THIS TOOTHPASTE SHOULD COME WITH A WARNING!!! It may be suitable for some people, but every time I use it, it takes the skin off the mucosa inside my lips and cheeks. Yes, it’s the best toothpaste I’ve used for getting my teeth clean, but the soreness and dry mouth just isn’t worth it! In fact, any substance that dries the mouth like this, is actually bad for your teeth, as the reduction in natural protective saliva will cause tooth decay

  • Dawn Curtis

    I thought I would try this new toothpaste, it was on offer at Boots buy two get one free, what a mistake, I was lumbered with this toothpaste that did not leave my mouth feeling fresh and to top it all it did not get the tea stains off of my teeth. Over the weeks I saw a build up of staining on my teeth, I was embarrassed to smile anymore. Anyway, I have gone back to my old toothpaste which is now bringing my teeth back to how they used to be, taking the tea stains away. Oral-B is not for my teeth.

  • Edith Dinar

    For years i was using Oral-B Sensitive toothpaste, but you stopped making it, and I had to change to a different company. I was delighted to see you were back on the market, and was ready to rush out and buy the new Pro-Expert. My daughter was given a sample tube which she passed on to me. Couldn’t wait to try it. Opened the tube and was horrified to see a blue-green gelatinous goo instead of the white paste. Still, I tried it, only to find that the taste was as disgusting as the appearance. Couldn’t rinse my mouth out fast enough! Be assured, I shall definitely NOT be buying the new Pro-Expert Oral- B toothpaste!

  • Noreen

    I have always trusted Oral B any products to be of excellent quality.
    I have used their tooth brushes for years although they are more expensive that the normal ones.
    When i discovered their new Oral B Pro health tooth paste i was happy to try it & found it to be all
    that they advertise…… Until i read the contents of the ingredients,
    No 1 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a surfacant denaturant emulsifer, causing cataracts, corneal damage,
    improper eye development in infants and children. Dry skin, liver toxicity, dermatits, mouth ulcers, etc.
    I stopped using shampoos years ago that contained this deadly product & was amazed to find a trusted company
    using it in a family oral health product.
    Ps i wondered why i was getting mouth ulcers & that lead me to check the ingredients.

  • Annable

    I tried the oral b pro expert toothpaste and for weeks I had sore mouth and throat. Stopped using and reverted back to using colgate cavity protection toothpaste. I ‘Tried the colgate total but it has triclosan which causes host of health problems. Can anyone recommend a good toothpaste that has fluoride. Thanks.

  • Jim

    Like many people have mentioned here I suffered the same problems when the skin comes off the inside of my mouth using this product. I have tried it two different tubes, the first tube I suspected something wrong but thought I had an unrelated irritation. I changed toothpaste the problems ceased. I retried pro expert with a free sample and the problems surfaced again. It can only be this toothpaste and I fear this product has not been sufficiently tested and will in fact cause more problems than the claims it solves. It should be recalled in my opinion. Hope someone from oral-b sees these comments.

  • Agony

    tried this product this evening after it being recommended by a friend. NEVER AGAIN will I use it. I had severe cramps, vomiting & the runs with sweats and chills. Tried to find info about side effects, sensitivity or allergies to ingredients… NOTHING. thanks Oral B

  • Elle J. Wilson

    My 11 year old daughter just used this product and it immediately burnt her tongue and made her lips very sore, I even took a photo of it. Now after reading lots of other comments I can correlate why the inside of my mouth cheeks felt like they were disintegrating. I think Oral -B hasn’t tested this product enough!

  • Jennifer

    Whilst I am sorry to read that others have suffered with this toothpaste, I am also relieved that my symptoms can correlate with other experience of this horrendous product. After only one day of using this awful toothpaste by the inside of my cheeks also started to peel and my teeth have been uber sensitive even 10 days after I stopped using this product. All I can say is… STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRENDOUS TOOTHPASTE… it should be banned!

  • Wendy

    I started using this toothpaste 9 days ago and since then have been so miserable with a very sore mouth with painful lumps and peeling skin . I did not for one minute think it was the toothpaste but thought I had some sort of infection of the mouth .I have bought different mouth washes and various other products to try and clear it . It was only this morning when Brushing my teeth the pain was so bad I thought I would check it out . Seeing so many other people have suffered the same symptoms I am sure this is the cause and will never use it again . It will be interesting to see how quickly the symptoms will clear up ! Something should be done about this toothpaste !

  • DJ

    This toothpaste should come with a health warning, I have used it for about 3 months and it has burnt my lips horrendously, I thought it was the alcohol in aftershave which was causing it. It caused lumps under my skin on my lips and very very painful. I have now stopped and the symptons have stopped and my lips are healing

  • AHP

    I have the same issue with this toothpaste! My tongue is full of ulcers and extremely painful after only a few days use! I wasn’t sure the toothpaste was the issue, as I have used it before, so stopped for a while and used another brand. The ulcers calmed down and I was better within a few days of stopping the use of OralB Pro-Expert. But to be completely sure, I then tried the said toothpaste again and the ulcers came flaring up worse than ever – after only one use! Steer clear away from this one, is all I say….

  • sel

    After going to the dentist I was given oral B to use. Worse toothpaste I have ever tried!. Skin peels of the roof of my mouth in chunks and it seemed to have made my teeth weak! They are now breaking and chipping off. Never again will I use this toothpaste. DONT BUY THIS HORRIBLE STUFF!