Polaar Icy Magic

To live life at a hectic pace; early mornings and late nights, also known as burning the candle at both ends – comes at a cost. This expense rears its ugly head in various guises, one of them – your lifestyle becomes apparent in your face. More specifically the eye area. Owing to such fragile skin around our eyes, tiredness quickly manifests itself here, in the form of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. The solution is an eye roll-on.

Ape to Gentleman have covered this topic before, with Eye Rollers: How to get rid of Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes, and our Top 5 Eye Roll-ons for Men feature. However, one product in particular remains King, top of the tree and ever-popular; Icy Magic by French brand Polaar.

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Polaar, founded by explorer Daniel Kurbiel draws its inspiration from plants found in the most extreme areas of the planet; the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. Siberian Ginseng for example, found in Polaar Icy Magic is extremely rich in micronutrients which stimulate and strengthen the skin’s natural defences to restore tone, radiance and vitality.

Polaar Icy Magic

The trend for eye roll-ons continues to gather pace, and I believe is captured and lead by Polaar’s Icy Magic offering. It wins in every way; ingredients, application and results. Ingredients such as Tetrapeptides, deliver a dual anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle action, while the roll-on applicator ensures and instant, cooling effect which facilitates drainage in the eye contour area and eliminates puffiness.

Icy Magic further impresses with what it lacks: fragrance, parabens, mineral oil and alcohol which can potentially cause irritation to the fragile eye area. Finally and importantly, the results – which speak for themselves…

Effective from 15 days of use, 70% of men noted a significant reduction in puffiness after 28 days*. Dark circles are significantly lightened (*in vivo tests).

Personally, I find the instant cooling effect… instant, and superb. And after 15 days use, as stated by Polaar, I feel very much in control of my eye ‘baggage’, including puffiness, dark circles and aged eyes. Instant, long term – effective, the success of this little wonder-stick is deserved.

£19 from Niven & Joshua
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    We encourage feedback from anyone who has tried this product…

  • V1N35H/Vinesh.C

    It’s definitely much better if kept in the fridge, however having had both this and Bulldog’s, I would have to say that this tops it. The Icy Magic’s ball mechanism is better in my honest opinion, as it’s much smoother (when rolling) on the skin, and doesn’t seem to stop at times like the Bulldogs. Although there isn’t much difference between the two (apart from the amount), I, personally, would have to opt for the Icy Magic as I feel it delivers a cooler sensation to the under-eye area, thus making your eyes more awake and refreshed, whereas the Bulldog seems slightly less cool/cold. (I keep both of them in the fridge, and I have also had a Nivea one (for men, the one with Q10, around £8-9), and I’d have to say that felt cooler than the Bulldog too.)

  • http://www.apetogentleman.com/ Ape to Gentleman

    Thanks for the feedback – appreciated. And glad you agree.

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  • Josh

    My personal experience of Polaar’s icy magic is that nothing else compares. I have tried numerous other similiar products and whilst both the Clinique and Bulldog eye rollers are good, they don’t even come close to the results I’ve had using icy magic consistently for a few weeks. As far as value for money goes you get much less volume with icy magic but far less is needed per application. I only wish it was commercially available in the UK. Additionally I’d like to thank ape to gentlemen for bringing this product to my attention in the first place. I may well try out the icy magic eye patches in the near future as well.

  • http://www.apetogentleman.com/ Ape to Gentleman

    Excellent – thanks for this Josh! You can buy it here – http://www.nivenandjoshua.com/face/eye-care/polaar-icy-magic/

  • Filippo

    Hi, I came across this now and I really want to try it, what’s the difference between this and the triple action eye serum by polaar…?what’s best for permanent benefits on your skin…?thanks

  • http://www.apetogentleman.com/ Ape to Gentleman

    The triple action is better long term. The icy magic is better for immediate results, although does have some longer term benefits.