Sensitive Skin

Do I Have It…?

Does your skin itch, sting or come out in a rash when you use certain fragrances or eat certain foods?

Does your skin appear red/blotchy after using certain shaving and skincare products?

Does your skin go red easily when hot, touched or out in the sun?

…If it does then you have Sensitive Skin.

What causes it?

Sensitive skin is not too dissimilar to dry skin and is often considered in the same category. They are both stem from a lack of natural oils, but sensitive skin forms from the inability of the skin to produce enough sebum to protect your skin from irritants.

How Can I stop it?

As sensitive skin I similar to dry skin, the same process is used to combat it; in addition only use products that are made for those with sensitive skin. These will mostly contain natural/organic ingredients, and be fragrance free.

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