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  • James

    Evening gents.
    I was your typical ‘missing link’ 21 year old when i decided i was simply too old to still be suffering with skin concerns. Seeing as my birthday was rather conveniently at the start of January i decided my new years resolution would be to [ambitiously] achieve perfect skin by the time my christmas decorations were taken down.

    Realising i only worked in retail and thus was restricted to abit of a budget i sent off for my first ever boots card and decided to methodically test every male skincare product i could get my hands on! I literally tried numerous products from brands such as Nivea for men, L’oreal men expert, King of shaves, Soap and glory, Bulldog, Simple for men [just to name a few!]

    I’d almost reluctantly settled on the simple facewash and a l’oreal moisturser when i won a bottle of ,simple [for women] kind to skin light hydrating moisturiser, in a charity raffle at work. Naturally i placed it at the back of my cabinet and paid it little attention until months later when once evening i happened to complete run out of moisturiser!

    After more desperate searching i reluctantly decided to give it a try until morning when i could purchase something more masculine. To my surprise it was a revelation, not only was it the best moisturiser id used to date, when i looked up the price online it was something ridiculous like 3pound for a 125ml bottle.

    After abit of soul searching and reassuring myself that using women skincare products wasn’t a big deal i headed down to the shops in a disguise and purchased more from the range. Now like with all skincare ranges not all of the products are amazing but all things taken into account it was the best range i had tried to date [i.e. facewash, moisturser, toner, eye-cream]

    Im not sure how open you would be to writing an article about products aimed at women but i would at least try them out to see if you agree with me!