3 of The Best: Uplifting Shower Gels

As the nights draw in, and we wake up in darkness – that, or you’ve had a late night at the office, an early start or a heavy night of overindulgence. It may be time to consider a change of shower gel. Akin to a morning coffee, or a splash of cold water to the face – an invigorating, refreshing and all together zingy shower gel can really kick start your day. Here are our Three of The Best.

Elemis Sharp Shower Body Wash


This is a truly great shower gel in terms of consistency, a little goes a very long way. But more than that – the ingredients, as you’d expect from Elemis are skin nourishing too. The winner is the fragrance, rich in Spearmint and Peppermint Oils it’s an instant morning pick-me-up, with it’s delicate mint fragrance. Smelling like the mint has been freshly picked from a country garden, the scent will linger but not over-power, so as not to interfere with your favourite bottle of Comme des Garçons cologne.

£19.50 for 300ml >

Molton Brown Fresh Bushukan Citrus Bodywash


If a shower gel could pack a punch, Fresh Bushukan from Molton Brown would be some boxer. Forget about citrusy ‘fresh’ shower gels, you might find in your local supermarket – this is the Rolls Royce of torso cleansers. Blended with Bushukan Fruit and a raft of fine essential oils such as Bergamot and Patchouli, the zesty, zingy and tangy citrus-aroma is guaranteed to invigorate and man (or woman, it’s unisex) at any time of the day.

£18.00 for 300ml >

Korres Citrus Shower Gel


Greek brand Korres, rumoured to be used by Mr David Beckham is somewhat unknown in the UK. The price point is exceptional, considering the quality of the contents – not to mention the branding, packaging and general aurora of the brand is first rate. My favourite it Korres Citrus Shower Gel – rich and creamy, with skin protecting ingredients, notably; wheat proteins and aloe – it’s citrus aroma is subtle but utterly delightful. There are other options from Korres in this field such as Basil Lemon, but I prefer the general catch-all form of ‘Citrus’ – invigorating.

£8.00 for 250ml >

  • http://www.apetogentleman.com/ Ape to Gentleman

    Thanks Ged, and glad you agree!

  • Tom

    The Korres Citrus shower gel is very nice although it doesn’t do much for the particularly savage hangovers I get these days… but I also got the Korres Green Tea and Cedarwood eau de toilette and I was really impressed especially for the price (£20). Am always on the look out for smells that aren’t that common and ive had alot of compliments on this one! My favourite morning-after shower is the Boots Botanics body gel. I also love the black pepper Molton Brown but its so expensive I only use it on ‘special occasions’ ;-)

  • http://www.apetogentleman.com/ Ape to Gentleman

    Thanks for the feedback Tom, appreciated.