As far as gifting goes, Valentine’s is one of those more indifferent occasions for men, a day where the emphasis is on the gifts given to our fairer halves, rather than on those that we receive. That said, we believe that our gifts should not be relegated to the ranks of a ‘token’, but ones of substance.

Ape to Gentleman have compiled a list of grooming gifts that we would like to receive; we sincerely hope you get them.

1. D. S. & Durga Sir

What finer way to start the gifting options than with a niche fragrance house that produces scents to enhance our masculinity?

D.S. & Durga hand craft perfume and cologne in small batches using premium-sourced ingredients.  The company harkens back to the pre-industrial cottage industries of North America.

D.S. & Durga literally craft, bottle, box, and label everything with their own four hands; processes which are time conSuming and low in yield but place quality of product above quantity – a rarity today in the world of fine fragrance.

Our chosen scent, ‘Sir’, is a grand chypre of choice materials: aged Indonesian patchouli, storax amber, grandiflorum jasmine, & musk. The full-bodied fragrance has base notes of oakmoss, with top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin.

The last word in smart dress.

$145 for 50ml at D.S. & DURGA.

2. Odin 07 Tanoke

We like fragrance, and have absolutely no qualms to receiving more than one. Wearing the same shirt everyday would be boring, and the same applies to fragrance. Our second scent comes from Odin New York; distinct library of eau-de-toilette’s and home fragrances, inspired by the depths of travel.

Our fragrance of choice is Odin New York’s 07 Tanoke, that layers classically American scents inspired by the woods and surrounding waters of Northern California.

“Amid the wilderness of coastal hinterland comes a woody blend grounded in soaring redwoods and warm musk. The core of Tanoke brings forth the balsamic resin of wet gaiacwood wrapped in smoky incense. Crisp black pepper, spicy ginger and bitter orange hover the surface with invigorating freshness.”

Odin New York’s 07 Tanoke has bottom notes of redwood, patchouli and black musk, a middle tone of gaiacwood, smoky incense and nutmeg, and top notes of spicy ginger, bitter orange and black pepper. A definite masculine scent.

$165 for 100ml at ODIN.

3. retaW  Blind Fragrance Room Tag

While it is completely unsubstantiated, we believe that this is what William Shakespere meant when he said –

“Love is blind”

Conveniently shaped like a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, the retaW Blind Fragrance Room Tag fragrances your room with a zesty scent of sweet lemon and spicy ginger.

The Fragrance Room Tag allows you to add your choice of scent to any environment, simply by hooking the tag on a door.

The zesty Blind scent is also available in a range of options, including the famed retaW Body Wash, which are all equally gift worthy.

From £19 at END.

  4. WANT Essentiels de La vie  Kenyatta DOPP kit Black Caviar

If you give a man the right grooming materials, he’s more likely to use them. If you gift him the right wash bag too, he’s more likely to use them everywhere he goes.

As far a premium goes you’d be hard pressed to find a wash bag of greater quality than that of WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, a functional classic expertly crafted in black caviar French calf skin leather.

The traditional style of a WANT wash bag is perfectly blended with modern compatibility, identified by an unrivalled attention to detail, premium-quality and omnipresent contrasting gold and silver zipper.

The Kenyatta Black Caviar wash bag is reassuringly priced, reflecting the quality craftsmanship and the longevity of use. Guaranteed to please.


5. Kyoku Luxury Gift Box

It’s hard to choose which product to gift a man, so it’s much better opting for a full regime, that way you know you have all angles covered.

The Kyoku Luxury Gift Box is an apt selection of high-quality products covering the essential grooming products from the Kyoku range.


– Razor Repair Balm
– Oil Control Lotion
– Exfoliatiing Facial Scrub
– Daily Facial Cleanser
– Lip Fuel

6. Merkur Futur Chrome

While beards are undeniably en vogue, traditional shaving routines have returned to the forefront with the emphasis on experience and control of the shaving process, rather than the speed. To this end, there are no finer purveyors of the traditional Safety-Razor than the Solingen based brand Merkur.

The Merkur Futur  Safety-razor chrome safety razor posses the patented 6-settings fine adjustment Merkur Futur System* for optimum shaving closeness with soap, cream or foam. Produced according to exacting standards in Solingen, Germany, this traditional safety razor is built to last a lifetime.

*Setting ‘1’ provides a gentler shave for normal to sensitive skin (less blade is exposed), through to setting ‘6’ which provides a more tailored and close shave for the lengthier beard(more blade is exposed).

7. Otis Batterbee Luxury Eye Mask

We all operate much better on a good night’s sleep, and this lavender housed luxury eye mask is certain to help us on our way.

Perfect for travelling and equally for a good nights sleep. Handmade in England, each eye mask conceals a hint of lavender whilst the 100% cotton velvet backing will gently massage your face.


8. Editions de Parfums Diffuseur Solitaire

The subtle fragrance nuances can affect our mood and as such, home fragrance is an important part of our lifestyle, should we choose to acknowledge it or not.

Diffuseur Solitaire is a brand new and ultra refined version of Frederic’s hugely successful Fleur Mechanique. The new unpowered Diffuseur is more discreet, finished in anodised black aluminium or natural brushed aluminium. It will accommodate every refill that fits the Fleur Mechanique. In addition, two new fragrances are now available – Café Society and Saint des Saints.


  9. Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge

Finally, a gift we think you should give… After all, there is a reason that we have Valentine’s Day, a reason that we want to gift in the first instance – to pay homage to that other half that makes life both intolerable, and at the same time worth living. This is for her.

Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge is a voluptuous, saturated, spiced floral scent, presented in a deep-red bottle. Two bespoke ingredients, Sambac Jasmine Sepals Absolute and Clary Sage Essence, are brought into unexpected union: Together, they create a scent that is hedonistic and erotic. This composition is enhanced with unusual, exotic spices such as Indian ginger, cardamom and cinnamon, and lively florals such as Ylang Ylang, Italian Broom Flower and Neroli.

Finally, an accord of Labdanum Resin, Amber and Abstract Woods is wrapped in Vanilla Bean Infusion and Leather to create a sensuous texture. Jasmin Rouge is as audacious as lacquered red lips and dark, smoky eyes.

£155 for 50ml at SELFRIDGES.