Anything worthwhile in the art world has to do with an enriched and original point of view. It’s what makes paintings pop. It’s why conceptual works can be affecting. It’s the reason a photograph or a piece of criticism might haunt you. It’s also why you’d understandably come home from a Chelsea opening or a day at a museum—or, say, this week’s 72-hour art party in Miami—wanting to incorporate some new tricks into your wardrobe.

Artists, the good ones, anyway, achieve visually what you don’t think to.

This applies to their work, sure. But it’s also what makes them, and the people who rally around their practices, understand the value of colourful socks (Hockney, David), wonder how to pull off a denim work shirt (de Kooning, Willem), and appreciate the aesthetic significance of one’s eyeglass frames (Hopps, Walter). Theirs is a visual culture—style simply comes with the territory. And if you’re taking sartorial tips home from Miami this year (cheaper and more portable than the art, by the way), it’s probably because you were in the same room as one of these ten men. Or at least comparing notes, dropping names, and clinking glasses with somebody else who has been.

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