Developed with world class athletes, French Connection UK introduce SPORT, a new high performance male grooming range designed to warm and invigorate the body, leaving you fired up and ready for action. The range, developed in conjunction with world class athletes, encompasses all sporting needs; be it high adrenaline preparation or post exercise relief. FCUK 100 Degrees is a searing blend of warming scents including aromatic Juniper, Sichuan Pepper and Sicilian Mandarin, blended with Musk Wood, Rosewood and Amber. The range includes performance enhancing ingredients to keep the mind focused, muscles prepared and the body hydrated ensuring a winning performance in any field.


100 Degrees Hair & Body Wash

A sports bag must, this multipurpose wash cleanses and revives hair and body leaving you feeling fresh and invigorated. The fiery blend contains antioxidant rich Ginseng, known to boost physical endurance, Guarana a natural stimulant to increase mental alertness and fight fatigue, plus Vitamin B5 to condition the skin.

100 Degress Anti-perspirant Deodorant

Lose your cool but keep dry and protected with this sizzling scented anti-perspirant. The high performance body responsive formulation has been created to release more fragrance as your body heats, providing long lasting 24 hour protection against perspiration and odour. Guarana stimulates the senses and increases physical stamina, whilst Gingko a multitasking extract improves blood flow and improves glucose uptake.

100 Degrees Bodyspray

A high performing scented spray guaranteed to provide lasting fragrance and keep you feeling fresh and clean throughout the day. Natural Betain, derived from Sugar Beet helps improve stamina, energy and overall wellbeing while Guarana stimulates the senses. Glycerin ensures the skin’s moisture levels are regulated.

100 Degrees Bathsoak

A deeply warming bath soak created to relieve and relax tense and aching muscles post exercise. The fiery blend contains Burdock Extract to deep cleanse and purify, Aloe Vera to soothe overexerted skin and Argan Oil to lock in hydration with its superior levels of Vitamin E. Simply lie back and let the sensation of success wash over you.