How to open a wine bottle with your shoe….

Picture this situation; you’ve got the perfect picnic hamper prepared using the finest ingredients known to man, the blanket, the perfect weather, the perfect Grand Cru wine but alas, no matter how hard you look the corkscrew is nowhere to be seen. Fatal error, or is it…? This is the chance to show just how worldly you are by opening the wine unaided. Here’s how

Adidas Moves Pulse Him


Adidas Moves Pulse Him is the latest Adidas fragrance release following on from Adidas Moves; one of the most successful fragrances to be launched by the Adidas design house, winning a prestigious FiFi award in 2000. This new version of the sporty fragrance includes notes of yuzu leaves, water mint, coriander, violet leaves and sundrenched woods. We’re backing this fragrance to be more of a success than their World Cup football Jabulani, but given recent press that shouldn’t be too difficult…

Try Everything, Stink at Nothing…


Imagine being able to have gym gear that was impervious to smell. Well for starters, your gym bag would be eternally grateful. Using a technology that eliminates odours, Agion Active is an all-natural, eco-friendly anti-microbial treatment that gets manufactured right into clothing fabrics, acting like a vacuum to remove odours from in and around all parts of the fabric and suffocating microbes. This new treatment, is different from other odour-elimination technologies, as it is the only treatment of this kind that works on white fabrics without changing colour. Their motto is “Try Everything, Stink at Nothing”… After our last performance, these guys should make the new England shirts.

The new Football Soap


We’re always looking for more ways to support the teams we love so much, and this June sees the launch of a new one – The Early Bath Soap Company have announced a range of quality handmade soaps in the colours of your favourite football team. Whether you support England, Chelsea or Scunthorpe Utd, chances are Early Bath do a soap for you.


The soaps are “skin-kind” packed with moisturising glycerine, to hydrate dry skin. Containing grapefruit, may chang, cedarwood essential oils, and said by experts to be an aphrodisiac, there’s a good chance other-half will appreciate your new choice in soap. It’s what we like to call a win, win situation.

New Vodafone advert

Great advert, watch and enjoy; Two modern gentleman showing the power of good teamwork. Stick to driving gentlemen…