In numerical order of supremacy, this list, compiled from customer feedback, popularity, innovation, ingredients, results, price and Ape to Gentleman’s testers displays the Top 10 Grooming Travel Products for Men the male grooming world has to offer.

A good travel product should be small, concentrated, compact, have stamina, possess quality ingredients, be easily dispensed and offer value for money. We expect a lot you say? As always, yes. And why not? Ape to Gentleman brings you our Top 10 Grooming Travel Products for Men, don’t settle for anything less.

1. First of all you’ll need a wash bag to put everything in. We recommend the Medium Grand Tour from Otis Batterbee, made with a 100% cotton sanded canvas that is woven in a family run mill in England. Durable, well made and stylish – an ideal companion for the travelling gent.

£45 from Otis Batterbee – available in beige, black and gold.


2. No doubt when you arrive at your destination after some heavy travelling you’ll need a shower. We recommend Molton Brown Men’s Traveller which contains a selection of their products including the near legendary re-charge black pepper bodywash, all in handy 100ml size bottles.

£40 from Niven & Joshua.

3. To your teeth. Firstly your toothbrush. We are big fans of the Brillo compact folding toothbrush, with its super fold away ‘cut throat razor’ style case. It does a job when travelling and takes up little room in your wash bag.

$85 from Japan Trend Shop, with case and accessories.

4. Naturally, following on from your new toothbrush you’ll need some toothpaste to match. Our top pick comes from Italian toothpaste specialists; Marvis. In particular their travel sized version of Marvis Aquatic Mint which combines a cool taste with the freshness of the sea. Not to mention, it’s superb at looking after your teeth.

£2.75 for 25ml from Carter and Bond.


5. Shaving, men’s nemesis. Fear not, for The Art of Shaving make their excellent Carry On Kit – containing all the essentials for the best shave we know of. The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave® guarantee optimal shaving results while relieving and preventing ingrown hairs, razor burn, tough beards, and sensitive skin. All housed in handy travel sized bottles containing concentrated ingredients that will last long beyond your weekend away.

$50 from The Art of Shaving.

6. You’ll need a razor to shave that travel-stubble off and it doesn’t get better than the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide. We’ve covered it’s launch extensively, see here. Briefly, it’s the best wet shaver on the planet – with years of research, testing and re-testing it offers an exceptionally close yet comfortable shave.

RRP £12.99, available from Boots.


7. For those of you who prefer the ease and convenience of an electric razor we are pleased to present the Braun MobileShave. It’s compact making it ideal for travel and possesses Braun’s SmartFoilTM technology designed to let you shave closer with less irritation. It’s washable and comes with a protective twist cap, perfect for travel.

RRP £19.99, available from Boots.


8. Aeroplanes, car air-conditioning and city pollution can take their toll on your skin whilst travelling so it’s vital you take a decent set of skin care products. Opt for the Anthony Logistics Face Kit which contains all the grooming essentials you’ll need including their legendary Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Deep Pore Cleansing Clay (great for some R&R after stressful travelling) and the vitamin enriched All Purpose Facial Moisturiser. Guaranteed to keep you looking fresher than the day you left home.

£30 from Niven & Joshua.

9. As your travel grooming routine nears its end, the finishing touch is a fine fragrance and there’s nothing finer than any offering by Frederic Malle. In particular we like Carnal Flower housed in 3 x 10ml travel sized tubes, designed so you can enjoy (and let others enjoy) Carnal Flower whilst away from home.

£82.00 from Les Senteurs.

10. Finally, after a long day you’re pleased to get your head down and hit the sack. Perhaps not a travel essential but the Silkskin Travel Pillowcase guarantees to prevent hair loss and wrinkles. The 100% natural silk pillowcases should ensure a pleasant nights sleep and a more youthful look tomorrow morning.

£34 from Silkskin.