The essence of a quality garment is to both look good and serve a purpose, whether that be to protect or conceal. The ensemble must be built to last. Inspired by such ideas, this week’s Rail* aims to create the perfect balance of utility and simplicity. Hiking boots and navy blue duffle are vital in achieving the above; while the classic chambray shirt and one wash chinos soak up the attention from beneath. Assuring nothing distracts the occupant of the timepiece that sits on his wrist. Elegance in both form and function.

Chambray blue cotton shirt, £98 by ASPESI;



Sand chinos, £60 by FARAH;




Tan leather hiking boot, £79.99 by CLARKS;



Rose gold calender wrist watch, £220 by UNIFORM WARES;



Off centre zip duffle coat, £729 by WOOYUNGMI;

*About The Rail.
The modern Gent’s time is besieged from all angles, therefore it should go without saying, preparation is key. Be it with your grooming routine or with your wardrobe, a Gentleman needs to plan ahead to ensure that he is not caught unawares, or dare we say it ‘off-peak’. The Rail is Ape to Gentleman’s take on the sartorial preparation required, featuring various fashion compositions reflecting our mood, the climate, the times and most importantly, the look of the genteel man.