This elegant fragrance from Tom Ford opens with a rich blend of heat and glowing citrus, it is then complimented by an amber-drenched, woody oriental fragrance. Capturing that exact moment when a man reaches extreme new heights in his life. This addictive amber cushion is studded with elegant sandalwood and a melting vanilla ember, enigmatically sustaining the gem- hard masculine fire.

Charismatic brushstrokes of Mandarin oil and Neroli Oil provide sharp contrast to the vibrant, synergistic blend of saffron, cardamom and nutmeg, perfectly complementing the man who is accustomed to making an extraordinary impression.

An array of floral notes—rose absolute, jasmine accord and orange flower—radiate like rare gems on virgin snow. This heart gives Noir Extreme its exceedingly desirable, yet tantalisingly unknowable, attractiveness.

Contained in a rectangular bottle made of smoky black glass, stamped on the front with the fragrance name in gold. The bottle’s sides are ribbed and debossed with the letter “T” on one side and “F” on the other. The metalled cap is ribbed on all sides and stamped with the TF logo on top. The bottle is presented in a shiny gold ribbed carton with black accents. A stunning addition to your collection.