Deciding to have a hair transplant can be an important, life-changing decision. You will need to know what to expect before, during and after the procedure.

Surgical hair restoration has recently been taken to the next level with what ARTAS research engineers are calling the most advanced technology yet. The robotic hair transplant system has been FDA-approved for hair transplant surgery since the spring of 2011.

This interactive, computer assisted device uses image-guided robotics to enhance the quality of hair follicle harvesting in the hair restoration procedure. Dr. Scott Alexander in Phoenix Arizona, is one of the first leading  practices to use this new technology for hair transplants.

The ARTAS transplant procedure boasts that unlike older transplant methods, no stitches are required, rendering your procedure practically undetectable. Promising natural-looking results without the side effects and recovery times resulting from older techniques ARTAS hair transplants hope to be the next best alternative to manual hand held techniques.