This year (2012) marks the 25th anniversary of fabled Australian skin care range Aesop. Founded by Dennis Papthitis in 1987, last year saw Aesop significantly increase their physical presence with new stores opening in both the UK and the US. Aside from their aesthetically pleasing and effective natural skin care, Aesop is renown for their ethical design methods and innovative integration of their outlets with their location.

“A good product needs to begin from a sincere and authentic perspective” – Dennis Paphitis, Founder, Aesop

To celebrate the 25th anniversary Aesop granted photographer Rene Vaile rare access to their Laboratories; the outcome was  minimalist images, reflective and reminiscent of the brand they represent.

The full interview with Aesop Senior Chemist Rebecca Watkinson can be read online at Nowness.

Photos: Rene Vaile, Melbourne.