Diving is an exhilarating pursuit, which gives you a perspective on the world that you simply cannot get anywhere else and with so many oceans, wrecks and reefs to be explored, you’ll never run out of opportunities to broaden your diving horizons.

When engaging in this adrenaline soaked activity, however, it is imperative that you invest in the right equipment if you’re planning to dive regularly and there are few pieces more important to a diver than that of his watch. If you’re a regular diver already or plan to take up the pursuit, you’ll definitely be well served by investing in a high-quality diving watch because it is the most important instrument for a diver insomuch as it dictates how long you’ve been in the water. Let’s take a look at three of the best dive watches below:

IWC Aquatimer Deep 2


IWC are particularly well known for their exceptional range of diving watches and one of their latest and most impressive offerings is certainly that of the IWC Aquatimer Deep 2 watch pictured above. An incredibly rugged piece, as you would expect from a watch that needs to withstand the rigors of the sea, this IWC timepiece has many impressive characteristics including a 42 hour power reserve, mechanical depth gauge and a flyback function that shows maximum depth.


Bell & Ross BR02 Marine


Bell and Ross are another luxury watchmaker that boasts a mightily impressive collection of nautical timepieces and the Bell & Ross BR02 Marine watch above doesn’t just look the part for divers, it also has an extremely high level of functionality and features that will make it the perfect choice for regular diving aficionados. Housed in a 44mm steel case with a decompression valve and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass front, this Bell & Ross watch certainly ticks all the right boxes for any serious diver.


Alpina Diving Watch


Alpina are one of Switzerland’s oldest luxury watchmakers, having been founded in 1883, and, whilst they weren’t making diving watches back then, they’ve certainly got the hang of it now, as you can see from the jaw-dropping Alpina Diving watch pictured above. Water resistant to an astonishing 1000m, this timepiece is definitely the ideal accompaniment to those who enjoy a spot of deep sea diving. On top of its exceptionally high levels of water resistance, this Alpina watch also has a 48mm black PDV case, a counter-clockwise, uni-directional bezel to ensure that you can accurately measure dive times and super-luminova hands to ensure readability in low-visibility conditions.