Japanese brand 45rpm’s  A/W 11 collection is as ageless as they come with styles ranging from turtle necks and fitted jeans, to ripped, lived in denim and oversized cargo pants. Drawing their inspiration from countries all over the world, the collection appeals to everyone, a yet at the same time, to no-one in particular. The main constant in every look is the distinctive 45rpm denim; this should come as no surprise as their reputation is based on the well-crafted and long-living qualities of their denim

The 10.5 oz denim we’ve chosen for all of our denim this winter is wonderful for its lightness and comfort.

All of their denim has been woven slowly on their vintage looms in Japan, and feature 45rpm’s selvedge in every piece.  This denim is built to last, ensuring that the beautiful aging of the indigo can be appreciated on a resilient – yet comfortable – canvas.