Ape to Gentleman caught up with Joe Simpson, the Australian born rugby union player who plays scrum half for London Wasps and England. From the gym, to diet and favourite gadgets, find out more about this up-and-coming talent.

What is your career highlight? Getting my first England cap.

How many calories do you have per day? Varies on the day. Tough days, particularly in pre-season where it’s important for me to keep my weight and energy up it can increase to close to 4,000 or 5,000.

What kind of supplements do you take during or immediately after the game? I am always sipping on a bottle of water mixed with MaxiNutrition’s Electrotabs, I have caffeine 30mins before kick-off and my recovery begins straight after the final whistle with a MaxiNutrition Promax shake.

How many strength sessions do you do per week? Depending how long the turnaround from the last match to the next match it’s either 2 or 3 whole body sessions.

What is your highest bench press one rep max? 140kg.

What’s your favourite gym exercise? As I’m quite light relative to the other rugby boys my favourite exercises are body weight ones. So something like chin ups or pull ups.

What’s exercise do you hate? Squatting, I dead lift these days instead.

What is your Favourite supplement? MaxiNutrition’s strawberry Promax.

What is your signature dish? Chicken stir fry, simple and effective and easy to vary.

Do you have diet cheat days? No, I allow myself cheat meals but a whole cheat day makes me feel physically bad. Except for Easter!

Are you superstitious? Nope, only reason I have my socks down is because it’s too much effort to keep pulling them up!

Who’s got the best dance moves on a night out? Christian Wade always loves a bit of a dance in dark corners of night clubs!

Who’s got the worst banter? James Haskell, some of it is good but is just incessant and never stops!

Who thinks of themselves as a bit of a ladies man? Tommy Bell, with such an innocent face it’s hard to believe he is such a heart breaker!

What’s your favourite song? Fabolous – Into you.

What’s your favourite gadget? So generic but I can’t live without my iPhone!

Joe Simpson is an ambassador for MaxiNutrition – the sports nutrition product of choice for elite and amateur sport players, visit: www.maxinutrition.com