Last year on Ape to Gentleman we covered the five best razors to use Gillette Mach 3 Blades, but it’s only right that we follow on with Gillette’s finest blade to date, a razor that is protected with over 70 patents, the Gillette Fusion. Much like with the Mach 3 Blades, not many brands have opted for the head on approach, most have decided instead to battle it out for the ‘Best Razor handle’. Handles themselves are a very important part of the shaving process; we all have different hand sizes and shaving styles so different weights, designs and lengths of handle will suit different people and their shaving techniques. Here are five of the best:

Edwin Jagger – Diffusion Range Fusion Razor

Family-run Sheffield based shaving specialists Edwin Jagger, manufacture razors using generations of skills associated with the Sheffield steel industry. This razor features a perfectly balanced, oversized Faux horn handle for those that prefer a larger grip.

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Gillette Fusion Edwardian Razor

From world famous shaving manufacturer Taylor of Old Bond street, comes this beautiful razor with its nickel trim and the Taylor of Old Bond street logo etched across the handle delicately in silver. The handle itself here has been painstaking hand crafted to ensure superb weight distribution and grip.

eShave – 5 Blade Luxury Razor

eShave Luxury 5 Blade Razor combines Gillette’s newest technology with eShave’s ergonomic craftsmanship. Hand sculpted from Lucite the luxury 5 blade razor sits comfortably in hand and is graceful in use.

The Art of Shaving – Fusion Chrome Power Razor

The razor features a built-in spotlight, the first of its kind, to reveal details normally hidden in shadow – such as under the chin and jaw line – to help you avoid missed spots and make every stroke count. Gentle micro-pulses from the Power razor help reduce friction and increase razor glide. The contemporary handle is a combination of ergonomics and innovative design, handcrafted in polished chrome and wrapped in a matte black, thermo-resin grip.

Taylor of Old Bond Street – Gillette Fusion Nickel Razor

We finish up proceeding from yet another razor from Taylor of Old Bond Street, this time their more streamlined nickel razor with a more even weight distribution, and elegant design. Perfect for those more used to handling a classic cartridge razor, but would prefer something a little more ‘eye catching’.