Gillette have come a long way since their classic, and still very popular I might add, ‘Fatboy’ razor, to developing the most advanced shaving implements currently in the market. The Gillette cartridge razors have become a phenomenon in the shaving world having been used by around 600 million men worldwide. Some statistic indeed. It should then come as no surprise that brandsrazor manufacturers, rather than replace the mighty tried and tested blades by Gillette, embrace the phenomena, and improve the one part we all know can be improved – the handle. Today we’re focusing of the Fusion blade’s predecessor, the Mach 3®. Here are five of the best razors on the market to use Gillette Mach 3®  Refills.

eShave – Luxury Curved Metal razor

êShave Luxury Curved Metal Razor is masterfully designed to maximize productivity by minimizing operator fatigue & discomfort. Hand sculpted from Lucite, the luxury Mach 3®  blade metal razor sits comfortably in hand, making it elegantly simple to use.

Acqua di Parma – Collezione Barbiere

The handle, crafted using wenge wood, has been designed to fit comfortably within the hand. It has been weighted in order to help the owner achieve the perfect shave. This razor comes complete with an inventive stand, engraved with the iconic “Acqua di Parma” name and logo.

Anthony Logistics – Mach 3® set by Gillette

This exquisite razor and brush duo reminiscent of 1940’s elegance was created exclusively for Anthony For Men and is compatible with the Mach 3® Blade by Gillette®. The result is an old school, old fashioned classic shave with a modern edge.

Merkur – Mach 3 razor

We know all about Merkur on Ape to Gentleman, and so it speaks volumes when the kings of double-edged safety razors, acknowledge the Gillette’s Mach 3®. As you expect, the Merkur craftsmanship is evident again here; the handle size, weight, and balance allow for exceptional manoeuvrability and control resulting in a better shave.

Trufitt & Hill – Regency Razor Ivory & Chrome

Even Trufitt & Hill, ‘the worlds oldest barbers’ established in 1805, have a Mach 3® razor in their collection. This Ivory & Chrome Regency razor is crafted by hand in England and expertly weighted to provide the excellent handling and optimum glide.