94 Greenwich Avenue, NYC by Steven Holl, is a continuation of Frederic Malle’s store ‘obsession’ – the first arriving at 37 Rue de Grenelle in Paris, 14 years ago. The goal in Paris was to make their visitors feel as comfortable as possible to discover the collection of perfumes designed by who many consider to be the best “noses” in the perfume industry.

Malle attributes the success of Editions de Parfums around his stores and plan to open more free standing stores around the world, as he believes this is the best way to generate the level of service that selling his perfumes requires.

Malle chose Acritect Holl not only for his architectural abilities but for him being a New York, and with extensive knowledge of the West Village. Holl’s portfolio includes a use of light in small spaces, such as D.E. Shaw’s offices in NY, his freedom with shapes, as illustrated in Y house in the Catskills or in huge projects, such as his Linked Hybrid in Beijing.

“I stated my only requirements: the presence of the portraits of the perfumers, the presence of refrigerated cabinets to store our perfumes, and the existence of smelling devices to allow our clients to truly discover each composition. Finally, I stated that our stores are always comfortable places where visitors feel at ease and manage to get away from the stress of every day life, “places where time stops”.

Frederic Malle

94 Greenwich Avenue will open June 6 2014, exactly 14 years after the opening of the first Editions de Parfums store, 37 Rue de Grenelle.