So, the red-hued heart-shaped date has rolled around again. Travel experts Black Tomato have put together their favourite hotels to enjoy the lighter side of Valentines, without the animal cards and overpriced roses.

Our top recommendation for this amorous (and rather grey date) would have to be Venice. Also known as the city of romance. February fortunately means these famous waterways come sans the mass tourist influx of the sweltering summer months. We’d recommend holing up at the Gritti Palace to take advantage of its opulent styling and in-house art collection to rival many of the world’s museums. Ah amore!

If a romantic break means something slightly warmer then the palatial interiors and immaculate Moorish gardens of the oh-so-photogenic oasis Jnane Tamsna in Marrakech’s Palmeraie is for you.

This area is also known as the City’s garden, so there’s ample opportunity for those box-ticking balmy hand-in-hand strolls.

Escape the hassle of London’s overcrowded restaurants and venture into the tranquillity of the Arctic Circle. Norway’s Basecamp Spitsbergen boasts design features that are sure to leave you in awe. Our favourite feature has to be the glass ceiling which ensures uninterrupted views of the neon spectacle that is the northern lights from the comfort and warmth of your room.

Single? Skip all the lovey-dovey stuff and head to Berlin for a dose of speakeasy-chic at Soho House Berlin. Slap bang in the Mitte, this slinky pad is just steps away from the heady nightlife that this city does best. Plus the bar reads like an apothecaries’ mixology wishlist.

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