Today what we have for you my genteel friends, is the arrival of an alcoholic beverage that Robert Louis Stevenson (aka author of Treasure Island) would be proud of. Definitely a man’s drink (it’s a whopping 80 proof) but still all natural and gluten free, Original Moonshine epitomises the alcoholic beverage for the modern gent.

A versatile new spirit, enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a variety of mixed cocktails, Original Moonshine is the first product launched from StillHouse, a premium spirits brand based in Culpeper, VA where the product is charcoal-filtered and distilled four times in a Prohibition-era copper pot still, the same authentic process that has been passed down discreetly for hundreds of years.  Moonshine was created by entrepreneur Brad Beckerman and Adam Perry Lang, renowned celebrity chef and restaurateur.

The Taste:

• It blends the recipe of centuries ago with the smooth, refined flavours that appeal to today’s palate
• Nose – Freshly snapped cornhusk, but only after a bare drizzle of pure water is added to open the nose.
• Taste – Smooth, mellow and elegant. A mid warm sweetness of unrefined raw sugar, retaining the richness from freshly picked corn.
• Finish – A pleasant and tempered clean finish, void of impurities, with a diffused and balanced lingering of warmth.
• Versatility – the subtle, distinctive character is most noticeable when sipped just shy of neat with a slash of pure water. When wall bruised with ice, it transforms into a creamy, voluptuous, satiny texture. The mixability of this spirit is most friendly to any fruit that has medium or strong acidity, but is also well-matched with most mixers within the bartender’s repertoire.

Did You Know…

• MOONSHINE was crafted by many U.S. Presidents….and outlawed by others
• For more than a decade it ruled New York’s most decadent and glamorous age of nightlife and was hotly pursued by federal agents
• It gave birth to the nation’s second largest sport: NASCAR. During Prohibition MOONSHINE runners souped up their cars so they could get away from the law.

Signature Cocktail: The Shiner

1 ½ parts Original MOONSHINE
Juice of one-half Lime
3 oz of club soda
Pour Original MOONSHINE and lime juice into an old fashioned glass over ice cubes. Top with club soda and stir. Garnish with a slice of lime.

The StillHouse Distillery:

• The StillHouse Distillery is located in historic Culpeper, Virginia.
• The Culpeper area was a highly prized position for both sides during the Civil War.
• In 1863, over 20,000 soldiers clashed at Brandy Station just outside of Culpeper, engaging in what would go down in history as the largest cavalry battle in the history of the Western Hemisphere.
• All the corn that goes into the production of Moonshine is grown at the estate in Culpeper.
• The estate distillery houses a genuine sold copper pot still, which was constructed in 1930, there years before the end of Prohibition