So. Here we are; the very first A Model RecoMEN’S column. (Do you like what I did there? “A Model Recommends…A Model RecoMEN’S? You and I are going to get on just fine!)  I suppose you would like to know what my qualifications are, being the discerning gentleman that you are! The very fact that you are looking at a page that is full of intriguing male grooming lotions and potions tells me that you already take your general ‘man maintenance’ reasonably seriously – so you don’t want just any old person off the street telling you what’s what, do you? Because everyone’s an ‘expert’ these days, it seems.  A ‘guru’, someone at the ‘top of their game’ or who’s the ‘best in their field’. In these times of instant, unedited self-publication, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people professing to have a virtual doctorate in their chosen field of expertise.


Well let me tell you – when it comes to beauty, grooming and generally looking good, I really am an expert. It’s what I do for a living, and it’s what I’ve been doing for a living for almost ten years. Without some kind of dedication to looking good, I wouldn’t have had such a long and fruitful career – without a passion for beauty and grooming, I wouldn’t be sat here right now, about to ask this very important question:

What do you want from me?

I say that in the cleanest possible way, and expect answers to be appropriate for public viewing; what I’m getting at is what would you like to know? I can tell you what’s new on the male grooming scene, the products to look out for and what to avoid; I can act as your super-sleuth and find out what the male models and celebrities have tucked away in their bathrooms; I can test products to their limits, tell you what to buy your girlfriend or wife for her birthday, give you the name of a brilliant barber – what would you like?

Answers on a postcard please, or better still, emailed in to  [email protected]

In the meantime – something to think about. Are you a ‘classic’ or a ‘modern’ man with regards to grooming? Do you shave with an ivory handled brush, wearing a silk dressing gown, smoking a cigar and sipping on a double brandy? Or do you have futuristic skincare in sleek aluminium tubes, individual capsules of potent serums, razors with seven blades that are made from titanium? Are you a ‘cologne’ or a ‘fragrance’ type of guy? Do you clean your face with a bar of soap, or a micellar water? If you even know what a micellar water is, you’re definitely a ‘modern’.

Let me know who I’m talking to– comment or contact me at [email protected]. Are you Apes? Gentlemen? Or something in between…?