When you find yourself in the presence of confidence, you can just feel it. It’s a quality of strength and self-assurance that makes itself known and commands respect whenever you encounter it. A confident man is one whose attention to detail is indescribably magnetic, from the way he carries himself in any situation to the way others view him. This is the man who always turns heads, leads the team, makes the tough calls and proposes the toasts. Enter Aramis Impeccable.

“A man doesn’t need a specific occasion to be impeccable.” – Trudi Loren, Vice President, Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide, The Estée Lauder Companies.

She continues “That’s what inspired Aramis Impeccable. We wanted men to have a sophisticated scent that carries a masculine familiarity in it, but that has also been updated for the modern challenges and triumphs that we experience today.”

Aramis’ aim is to complement any modern gentleman’s wardrobe wardrobe, bringing with it the time-honoured masculinity of Aramis and modernising it. Mixed around the rich and mysterious essence of Moroccan cedar wood, trails of black pepper, juniper berry and citrus zest brings a light and airy sensation to the deep and provocative base.

The elegant packaging itself is a reflection of the lifestyle it represents, finished off with the classic golden lettering that reminds you that you’re not just using fragrance – you’re holding a piece of Aramis tradition.

Aramis Impeccable Limited Edition EDT 110ml RRP £45 / €65

Available Nationwide from 1st May 2011.