American brand Jack Spade expanded from the simplest of ideas – making useful items stylish. It started with a bag dipped in paint, and now has grown to a range of simple clothing, small goods and fine leather accessories. All of which stay true to the idea that great design solves problems with straightforward solutions. As part of this expansion they have opened their first European store, playing host to a world of curiosities.

Located on Brewer Street in the heart of London the 1,000 square foot retail space is a far cry from the small warehouse in New York City, where they first started crafting goods.

The new shop stocks a wealth of interesting novelties, packed around Idiosyncratic furniture, and filled with the brands assortment of trinkets.

Created by renowned designer Steven Sclaroff, the space reflects Jack Spade’s reputation for producing timeless collections that also offer a unique sense of humour. This spirit is ever present from the moment you walk in; novelty paintings hang above intricately positioned cabinets, creating a world of fascination and indulgence. A great addition to the slick city streets.