Everything about Crown Shaving Company’s new line of premium shaving and grooming products harks back to the days when barbershops were sanctuaries where a man could enjoy a hot towel, spirited conversation and the relaxing ritual of a smooth, comfortable shave. Even the packaging exudes traditional manliness and old world refinement-a rare departure from the unisex themes of today.

Make no mistake,” says Dino Caracciolo, Crown’s founder and developer of the new grooming collection. “These products are made for men-to make you look and feel like a man. Our rich lathers and lotions are carefully formulated with the finest natural ingredients to reintroduce the revitalising luxuries of shaving, lost in recent decades to buzzing electric devices or chemical-laced shortcuts that promote expediency at the expense of a healthy, restorative experience.”

The Crown Supreme Glide Pre-Shave Formula for example is enriched with non-greasy botanical extracts like Aloe Juice, Meadow foam Seed and Orange Fruit Extract that soften the beard, increase razor glide and reduce razor burn, nicks and cuts. Crown Shave Cream is rich and silky with a subtle scent of eucalyptus and spearmint-containing Shea Butter, White Tea Leaf Extract , Olive Leaf Extract, and other natural emollients. Applied with a shaving brush or massaged into the skin, it refreshes and nourishes the complexion while ensuring a remarkably comfortable shave. Crown Soothing After Shave Lotion uses Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and other natural extracts to hydrate the skin, restore its Ph level and impart a fresh natural scent.

Mr. Caracciolo, a former professional hair stylist, experienced adverse reactions to grooming products himself while working in his family’s hair salon. “Crown Shaving Company evolved both out of a personal need and a resolve to create wholesome grooming aids of the highest quality and performance,” he says.

The full line of Crown products, which also includes Peppermint Tea Tree Hair & Body Wash and Peppermint Tea Tree Moisturising Conditioner, visit www.crownshavingco.com.